2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 11)

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 11)

Can you believe we have made it through two-thirds of the 2019 regular season? Yet there are plenty of questions and headlines to go through. Even Colin Kaepernick is going to finally get a tryout in Atlanta, GA soon to showcase his skills of a once prominent Quarterback. I say good luck to him, and DON’T spoil it. The Jets got some good news (or really bad news depending on how you feel about it) as Adam Gase will be the team’s head coach in 2020. OK any other news that is worth talking about? Don’t think so, let’s get to my abysmal showing in my picks. Yes its the worst showing of all time, and that says something. In week 10 I was 4-9, and for the month of november I’m 13-14. In the 2019 season I am 85-58-1 so i need to do better. Let’s get to week 11 for a bounce back winning weekend.

Thursday Night:

Steelers over Browns

Early sunday:

Ravens over Texans

Vikings over Broncos

Colts over Jaguars

Saints over Buccaneers

Jets over Redskins

Cowboys over Lions

Bills over Dolphins

Panthers over Falcons

Late Sunday:

49ers over Cardinals

Raiders over Bengals

Patriots over Eagles

Sunday Night:

Rams over Bears

Monday Night:

Chiefs over Chargers


There you have it my weekly picks are up, and we have exciting football coming up as we wrap up the season in style!!

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 10)

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 10)

An interesting week of NFL Football is upon us, plenty of storylines to get to. Antonio Brown is at it again, continuing his stance on being done with the NFL. I don’t see it at all for him on retiring for good here. Cam Newton’ s foot injury is worse than we all realize, now his season is over for sure. However, his tenure in Carolina is in severe jeopardy. Kyle Allen has played well and may have put the nail in the coffin in Newton’ s time as a Carolina Panther. Now onto the picks as last week I went 9-5 to start November. In the 2019 season so far I’m 85-49-1. So now here are my week 10 picks:

thursday night

Raiders over Chargers

Early Sunday

Lions over Bears

Bills over Browns

Cardinals over Buccaneers

Giants over Jets

Ravens over Bengals

Chiefs over Titans

Saints over Falcons

Late Sunday

Colts over Dolphins

Packers over Panthers

Rams over Steelers

Sunday Night

Cowboys over Vikings

Monday  night

Seahawks over 49ers


There you have it my picks are up and have a winning football weekend

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 9)

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 9)

Now that we have 8 more weeks to go for the 2019 season. There was plenty of news this week from several teams. Recently, the Josh Gordon era in New England is over for good. Thank Goodness!! However, i hope Gordon gets another chance in the NFL someday. The Andy Dalton era may be done sooner than we think, as he is benched for the 1st time in his career. Oh, By the way the Bengals is still winless on the season, and is desperate for a win. The Miami Dolphins have changed QB’s twice already between Josh Rosen (Overrated) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (Not any better). They too are winless on the season and it don’t look good the rest of the season. So who will get there 1st win first, i might put a poll up for this later. Now for the picks as last week was a great week on the winning side as i go 12-3 in week 8. So for the month of October i go 38-20, and in the 2019 season so far you ask: 76-44-1. If you are not impressed, then i do not what to tell you. Here is my week 9 picks:

Thursday night:

49ers over Cardinals

Early Sunday:

Texans over Jaguars

Eagles over Bears

Chiefs over Vikings

Jets over Dolphins

Steelers over Colts

Bills over Redskins

Titans over Panthers

Late Sunday:

Lions over Raiders

Seahawks over Buccaneers

Packers over Chargers

Broncos over Browns

Sunday Night:

Patriots over Ravens

Monday Night:

Cowboys over Giants


There you have it, my picks are up and y’all have a safe holiday weekend. Don’t forget daylight savings time is this weekend. We get an extra hour for once!

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 8)

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 8)

We are almost at the halfway point of this NFL season, and already 1 coach is gone. There could be more coming, everyday its a new coach in the news for the wrong reasons. I can safely say it was not me this time. However, can you blame them for the way this season has gone? Can we say 1988 all over again, with quarterbacks getting injured left and right. Now there is talk of expanding the regular season in a few years to 17 games? So i guess 18 games is not long enough for you, fellas? Now on to my picks as last week it was a good one going 10-4 in week 7, and for the month of October I’m 26-17. In the 2019 season I’m 64-41-1 so more than halfway to my goal. Now for the week 8 picks:

Thursday Night:

Vikings over Redskins

Early Sunday:

Bills over Eagles

Jets over Jaguars

Colts over Broncos

Rams over Bengals

Seahawks over Falcons

Bears over Chargers

Giants over Lions

Titans over Buccaneers

Saints over Cardinals

Late sunday:

49ers over Panthers

Patriots over Browns

Texans over Raiders

Sunday Night:

Packers over Chiefs

Monday Night:

Steelers over Dolphins


There you have it my week 8 picks are up, and don’t forget my college football picks are back this week.

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 7)

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 7)

Lucky number 7 has arrived in style, at least for some NFL teams. Then there’s everybody else that needs to get on track if they are going to be a factor for the postseason. The Miami dolphins have changed QB’s again: Its now Ryan Fitzpatrick, instead of Josh Rosen (who still has not won a game in a long time). Jalen Ramsey is no longer in Jacksonville, so he got his wish and heads to Los Angeles to play with the Rams. Marcus Mariotta was pulled again for the Titans, and this could be the beginning of the end for him in Nashville if he is not careful and/or wise.  Now on to my picks as last week was a better showing at 9-5 in week 6. In the month of October so far i’m 16-13, and for the season I’m 54-37-1. Now my week 7 picks:

Thursday Night:

Chiefs over Broncos

Early Sunday:

Bills over Dolphins

Rams over Falcons

Jaguars over Bengals

Vikings over Lions

Packers over Raiders

Texans over Colts

49ers over Redskins

Giants over Cardinals

Late Sunday:

Chargers over Titans

Seahawks over Ravens

Saints over Bears

Sunday Night:

Cowboys over Eagles

Monday Night:

Patriots over Jets


There you have it my week 7 picks are now up and have at it.

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 6)

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 6)

What a bizarre week for the NFL, and it is not an UNDERSTATEMENT. The firing of Jay Gruden happened, but did you hear of when it happened? How about at 5am in the morning, no decency what so ever. Its very strange, but it was coming for sure. Getting blown out vs the New England Patriots will do that to you. I’m sure there will be more NFL Head Coaches on the hot seat very shortly. The Antonio Brown saga has been quiet for now, but don’t you worry I’m sure AB will be in the headlines later on this year. Now on to my picks and the month of October did not get off to a good start liked I hope. I went 7-8 in week 5, and for the season I’m 45-32-1 Here are the week 6 picks:

Thursday Night:

Patriots over Giants

Early Sunday:

Panthers over Buccaneers

Seahawks over Browns

Chiefs over Texans

Saints over Jaguars

Eagles over Vikings

Redskins over Dolphins

Ravens over Bengals

Late Sunday:

Cardinals over Falcons

Rams over 49ers

Titans over broncos

Cowboys over Jets

Sunday Night:

Steelers over Chargers

Monday Night:

Packers over Lions


There you have it my picks are up and there will be other sports going on as well this weekend

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 5)

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 5)

Image result for nfl 100 logo

What a week of NFL action coming up, there are more headlines than a typical soap opera on TV. So the Redskins kept there coach Jay Gruden (for now), however still has no wins on the season. Jalen Ramsey still wants out of Jacksonville, in spite of the trade demand. Vontaze Burfict is now going to be spending his sundays away from the football filed for (take a guest?) another dirty hit. Except this one was so unnecessary, and as a result you asked? Suspended without pay for the rest of the season. Harsh punishment or really a waste of time for Burfict. Only time will tell for him and the Raiders, who can’t catch a break at all here. Now time for the picks, as the month of September came to an end as i am now: 38-24-1. In week 4 i went 8-7, so lets start picking:

Thursday Night:

Rams over Seahawks

Early sunday:

Bears over Raiders

Titans over Bills

Bengals over Cardinals

Giants over Vikings

Eagles over Jets

Saints over Buccaneers

Steelers over Ravens

Patriots over Redskins

Panthers over Jaguars

Texans over Falcons

Late sunday:

Chargers over Broncos

Packers over Cowboys

Sunday Night:

Chiefs over Colts

Monday Night:

49ers over Browns


There you have it my picks are up and good luck!!

My 2019 College Football Picks (Week 5)

My 2019 College Football Picks (Week 5)

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The 1st month of the college football season is coming to an end, so the month of October will be known as the critical point of the season. It is where we will separate the contenders from the pretenders. Could Tennessee be rethinking its stance on Head Coach Jeremy Pruitt? As of now, Pruitt is on the hot seat in Knoxville, unless otherwise. The Volunteers are now 1-3 overall, 0-1 in the SEC so far. I do not like there chances of getting to a bowl, and they have only 1 non-conference game remaining( vs. UAB) for the rest of the season. Now time for the picks, once and for all. Remember this is a select list of games that i felt will have an impact:

Texas A&M over Arkansas

Syracuse over Holy Cross

Oklahoma over Texas Tech

Michigan over Rutgers

Alabama over Ole Miss

Clemson over North Carolina


2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 4)

2019 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 4)

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How about the NFL this past week, the Antonio Brown situation is over for now. I do not think its a done deal on his career in the NFL. He’s not going to the XFL, at least not yet. The XFL will be later in the year when they get there draft and schedule going. Back to the NFL, it is still a mess for a lot of teams. However, this is what i called the not-the-time-to hit the panic button yet week. If you have not won a game yet, may want to do so. Already a couple of coaches are on the hot seat already like Jay Gruden (Washington), and Doug Marrone (Jacksonville). There may be more coming in the next few weeks as the month of September comes to an end. The LA Chargers are not happy campers right now, as the Rams are trying to squeeze them out of there pending stadium deal. However, the Chargers have struggle (really struggling) to draw enough fans to there stadium. So this soap opera may not be over by a long shot. Now for my picks as last week was a great one. I went 11-5 in week 3, and for the season so far i’m 30-17-1. Now on to my week 4 picks:

Thursday Night:

Packers over Eagles

Early sunday:

Giants over Redskins

Texans over Panthers

Ravens over Browns

Colts over Raiders

Patriots over Bills

Chiefs over Lions

Titans over Falcons

Chargers over Dolphins

Late Sunday:

Rams over Buccaneers

Seahawks over Cardinals

Vikings over Bears

Broncos over Jaguars

Sunday Night:

Saints over Cowboys

Monday Night:

Steelers over Bengals


there you have it my week 4 picks are up and we will have more football content really soon!!!

My 2019 College Football Picks (Week 4)

My 2019 College Football Picks (Week 4)

Image result for 150 years of college football logo

last week college football was interesting all around. I was stunned over Florida winning against Kentucky. They play Tennessee this week and its a critical game for both teams. Now for this week’s picks:

Florida over Tennessee

LSU over Vanderbilt

Michigan over Wisconsin

Alabama over Southern Mississippi

USC over Utah

Washington over BYU

Pittsburgh over UCF

Oregon over Stanford

Auburn over Texas A&M

Oklahoma State over Texas

Georgia over Notre Dame

Arizona State over Colorado

Washington State over UCLA


There is your picks and we will have more action coming up soon!!