2018-2019 College Bowl Picks

2018-2019 College Bowl Picks

Well it is that time of the year, time for bowl season and i’m ecstatic for it. Its been a great college football season all around the country. A lot of surprises both good and bad for a bunch of teams. So in that sense lets not waste any more time, here are my college bowl picks:

Saturday December 15:


Air Force Reserve Celebration:

Alcorn State over North Carolina A&T


AutoNature Cure:

Tulane over Louisiana


New Mexico:

North Texas over Utah State


Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas:

Fresno State over Arizona State


Raycom Media Camellia:

Georgia Southern over Eastern Michigan


R+L Carriers New Orleans:

Appalachian State over Middle Tennessee State


Tuesday December 18


Cheribundi Boca Rotan:

UAB over Northern Illinois


Wednesday December 19


DXL Frisco:

San Diego State over Ohio


Thursday December 20


Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla:

South Florida over Marshall





Friday December 21


Makers Wanted Bahamas:

Toledo over Florida International


Famous Idaho Potato:

BYU over Western Michigan


Saturday December 22


Jared Birmingham:

Memphis over Wake Forest


Lockheed Martin Armed Forces:

Houston over Army


Dollar General:

Troy over Buffalo


SoFi Hawaii:

Hawaii over Louisiana Tech


Wednesday December 26


SERVPRO First Responder:

Boise State over Boston College


Quick Lane:

Georgia Tech over Minnesota



TCU over California


Thursday December 27


Walk On’s Independence:

Temple over Duke


New Era Pinstripe:

Miami (FL) over Wisconsin

Academy Sports & Outdoors:

Vanderbilt over Baylor


Friday December 28


Franklin American Mortgage Music City:

Purdue over Auburn


Camping World:

West Virginia over Syracuse


Valero Alamo:

Washington State over Iowa State


Saturday December 29



South Carolina over Virginia


Chick-Fil-A Peach:

Florida over Michigan


NOVA Home Loans Arizona:

Nevada over Arkansas State


Monday December 31



Virginia Tech over Cincinnati


Hyundai Sun:

Pittsburgh over Stanford



Oregon over Michigan State


AutoZone Liberty:

Oklahoma State over Missouri



SDCCU Holiday:

Utah over Northwestern


TaySlayer Gator:

Texas A&M over North Carolina State


Tuesday January 1 (Happy New Year)



Mississippi State over Iowa


Playstation Fiesta:

LSU over UCF


VRBO Citrus:

Kentucky over Penn State


Rose Bowl Game:

Ohio State over Washington


Allstate Sugar:

Georgia over Texas



There you have it, my college bowl picks are up. The playoff preview and national championship games will be posted in a later date. Enjoy the bowl season, sports fans!!







2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 15)

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 15)

how about this NFL season up to this point? so many twists and turns, then there is the back and forth. It all happened so much my picks ended up being same. The NFL plans of increasing the salary cap next season, which is good for all teams in the league. 2 teams are without a head coach, and more could be coming sooner rather than later. They could be as many as 10 teams (over/under) that looks for a new NFL head coach. The Eli Manning era may not end, not yet according to local reports in New York. Due to the shocking turnaround of the Giants, who all of a sudden have playoff life (for the moment). They could still get in if they win out, and other factors happen as well. Now for my picks, 8-8 again his time in week 14. In the month of December i’m 16-16, and for the season i’m 125-81-2 in 2018. I really need a great week in order to keep my streak of getting 150 wins alive. Now for the Week 15 picks:

Thursday night:

Chiefs over Chargers

Saturday’s action:

Texans over Jets

Broncos over Browns

Early Sunday:

Packers over Bears

Lions over Bills

Ravens over Buccaneers

Redskins over Jaguars

Vikings over Dolphins

Cowboys over Colts

Bengals over Raiders

Falcons over Cardinals

Giants over Titans

Late Sunday:

Seahawks over 49ers

Patriots over Steelers

Sunday Night:

Rams over Eagles

Monday Night:

Saints over Panthers


There you have it my picks are now up and rejoice another winning weekend of football action. The holiday season has already started. Look for my college bowl picks coming soon!!

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 14)

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 14)

Well the stretch run has arrived, so who is the next team to grab a playoff spot? Could it be your team, or not! The passing of Texans Bob McNair is significant to all football fans in Houston. Pro Football returned to Houston after a 6 year wait back in 2002. The Redskins are bad luck for sure, now they have Mark Sanchez at quarterback (of all people?). Can we be serious for a quick moment? I know both Alex Smith and Colt McCoy are injured, but they had to be a better option than this, right? Did i missed something here, or are the football management in Washington just that bad! Well my picks are a little better after going 8-8 in week 13, so for the season i’m 117-73-2. Still on pace for the 150 win mark on an annual basis. So now for the week 14 picks:

Thursday Night:

Titans over Jaguars

Early Sunday:

Falcons over Packers

Saints over Buccaneers

Giants over Redskins

Bills over Jets

Panthers over Browns

Chiefs over Ravens

Patriots over Dolphins

Texans over Colts

Late Sunday:

Broncos over 49ers

Chargers over Bengals

Lions over Cardinals

Cowboys over Eagles

Steelers over Raiders

Sunday Night:

Rams over Bears

Monday Night:

Seahawks over Vikings


There you have it, my picks are now up. By the way if you have the yahoo sports app you can stream the games based on location.

College Football Picks (Special Edition)

College Football Picks (Special Edition)

Well the regular season is over, and it was an entertaining one in college football. It is now time for postseason play with the Conference titles games like the ACC, SEC, Big12, Big Ten, C-USA, and others. So here is the picks:

SEC: Alabama over Georgia

C-USA: UAB over Middle Tennessee State

BigTen: Ohio State over Northwestern

Big 12: Oklahoma over Texas

ACC: Clemson over Pittsburgh

American Athletic: UCF over Memphis

Mountain West: Boise State over Fresno State


That is all the picks, and it won’t be long before bowl season arrives. Also the final playoff rankings will come out soon. Enjoy the games and i will be back here real soon.

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (week 13)

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (week 13)

Now the final month of the regular season has arrived. This is where great football gets played on and off the field. So Baker Mayfield of the Browns has a problem with his former head coach going to a division rival in the Cincinnati Bengals. However, he did not make the situation any better after the game. In the postgame he did not hug his former head coach Hue Jackson. Then makes some costly that did not make sense out of left field. Baker just needs to grow up and quickly. Got a good matchup on Thursday Night Football, and it could be a playoff preview between the Saints and Cowboys. The Mike McCarthy era in Green Bay could be in jeopardy, especially when your behind 2 teams in the division. I do not see playoffs for them in 2018. Now on to my picks and it was a good but barely winning week. I went 8-7 in week 12, and for the month of November I was 30-25. In 2018 I’m 109-65-2 so a great year so far nonetheless. Time for the stretch run and my picks:

Thursday Night:

Saints over Cowboys

Early Sunday

Bengals over Broncos

Ravens over Falcons

Rams over Lions

Packers over Cardinals

Texans over Browns

Colts over Jaguars

Bills over Dolphins

Giants over Bears

Panthers over Buccaneers

Late Sunday:

Titans over Jets

Chiefs over Raiders

Patriots over Vikings

Seahawks over 49ers

Sunday Night

Steelers over Chargers

Monday Night

Redskins over Eagles


There you have it my picks for the week enjoy yourselves!!


2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 12)

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 12)

oh well happy thanksgiving to you and everybody else. yes get the holiday festive gestures out of the way. Last week there was a lot of close games, no blowouts whatsoever. You got to like the NFL in Football  2018, as the games. Alex Smith, i feel bad for him (a joe Theissman type of a injury) as he suffered a leg injury to end his season. So Smith can get ready for 2019, as will a lot of teams as there playoff hopes start to take a major league hit. My picks last week was BAD, and how bad could have been, you ask? I went 4-9 in week 11, which is the all time worst week for me picking games. In the month of November i’m 22-18. In this 2018 season i’m 101-58-2, so i was able to crack the 100 win mark for the 6th straight season. now for the week 12 picks:

Thanksgiving Thursday Action:

Bears over Lions

Redskins over Cowboys

Saints over Falcons

Early Sunday:

Bengals over Browns

Patriots over Jets

Ravens over Raiders

Panthers over Seahawks

49ers over Buccaneers

Giants over Eagles

Jaguars over BIlls

Late Sunday:

Chargers over Cardinals

Steelers over Broncos

Colts over Dolphins

Sunday Night

Vikings over Packers

Monday Night

Texans over Titans


There you have it my picks are up and hopefully a better weekend is coming our way. Y’all have a safe holiday and we will talk again soon.

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 11)

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 11)

What an NFL season so far, you got to love the action on and off the field. The Le Veon Bell saga is finally over, and he will miss the season because of his shenanigans. Yeah i said it, and i hope it costs him big.  So lets see how the Steelers do without him now. The Giants finally win a game but they had to come from behind to do it vs 49ers. It does not mean Eli Manning is off the hook, at least for now. The Chiefs-Rams game will not be played in Mexico City, due to playing field conditions. I do not see the NFL going to Mexico City again anytime soon. So on to the picks, and its been a stellar year so far. I went 9-5 in week 10, and for the month of November I’m 18-9. In the 2018 NFL season so far, i’m 97-49-2. Another 100 win season is coming soon, so proud of it on doing it 6 seasons in a row. Now for the week 11 picks as the race for the playoffs begin here:

Thursday Night

Packers over Seahawks

Early Sunday

Ravens over Bengals

Falcons over Cowboys

Steelers over Jaguars

Panthers over Lions

Giants over Buccaneers

Titans over Colts

Redskins over Texans

Late sunday

Chargers over Broncos

Cardinals over Raiders

Saints over Eagles

Sunday Night

Vikings over Bears

Monday Night

Chiefs over Rams


There you have it my weekly picks are now up, and we have more football coming as the holiday season starts to ramp up in full force. Y’all have a good weekend and the rest of your normal day.

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (week 10)

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (week 10)

Now time for the home stretch of this NFL season. Before we get to the picks, here are some news from around the league. Dez Bryant is back in the league with the New Orleans Saints.  The new york jets will be without Sam Darnold for this game vs the Buffalo Bills. The LeVeon Bell saga will finally come to an end one way or the other. After all this time will he report to the Steelers? Bell has until Tuesday afternoon to report, or risk losing an NFL season. Now for an update on my picks and it was an interesting week. In week 9 of the season, i went 9-4. This season im 88-44-2. Now time for the Week 10 picks:

Thursday Night:

Steelers over Panthers

Early Sunday:

Saints over Bengals

Falcons over Browns

Jaguars over Colts

Bears over Lions

Jets over Bills

Redskins over Buccaneers

Patriots over Titans

Chiefs over Cardinals

Late Sunday:

Chargers over Raiders

Packers over Dolphins

Rams over Seahawks

Sunday Night

Eagles over Cowboys

Monday Night

Giants over 49ers


There you have and we will have more of the

2018 NFL Season coming your way soon.

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 9)

2018 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 9)

the halfway point of the NFL regular season has come and gone, and now this is where the best football gets played. We have our 1st coach getting fired, and it should come as no surprise to anybody in the NFL. Hue Jackson (who would have known?) fired after winning 3 games in 3 seasons. It was eventually going to happened regardless on how you slice it. The Cleveland Browns continued there dysfunctional ways as the leading the foolishness of pro sports in the United States. Where the Browns go from here is anybody’s guess. The trade deadline was about as active as the horse racing is all over the country. So many players dealt to teams for draft picks, and rightfully so. The Eli Manning era appears to be winding down (at least with the Giants) with now of all people Terrell Owens says the Giants need to bench Eli Manning. I will agree with him for once, however he still needs to shut up about it. Now for the picks as November arrives to the NFL season. I went 12-2 in week 8, and for the month of October I went 40-18. It was a very good month for me, and for the season I’m 79-40-2. So now here is the week 9 picks:

Thursday Night:

49ers over Raiders

Early Sunday:

Bears over Bills

Dolphins over Jets

Redskins over Falcons

Panthers over Buccaneers

Steelers over Ravens

Chiefs over Browns

Vikings over Lions

Late Sunday:

Texans over Broncos

Seahawks over Chargers

Rams over Saints

Sunday Night:

Patriots over Packers

Monday Night:

Cowboys over Titans


There you have it with the latest picks, and don’t you worry there is more football coming soon on this blog. You wait and see come tomorrow with CFL Football picks.