2016 week 3 NFL picks

2016 week 3 NFL picks

Well football fans another week of NFL action is upon us. However there are plenty of notes from around the league, so let’s get to a select few. The Minnesota Vikings are without RB Adrian Peterson for the remainder of this season, I feel bad for the Vikings. However they will still compete in the NFC North division as the season rolls on. They have a fantastic new stadium so I am giving them props. The Cleveland Browns are the misfortunes of a team that continue to go down on a weekly basis. Quarterbacks are not lasting long and they need some good news, but not now as the injuries and losses mount. The Jay Cutler injury doesn’t surprise no one as he is out for 3 weeks. I think he is finished in Chicago unless he turns things I and fast. The New England Patriots will start another quarterback as Tom Brady is still serving a suspension which is half over. Jacoby Brisett, we never heard of him and he is the starting quarterback for the Patriots for now. We will see how that goes as we now talk about the picks. In week 2 I went 9-7 as the bounces did not go well. For the season I am 22-10 but still doing very good so far. Now for the week 3 picks:


thursday night game

Patriots over Texans

early sunday

Cardinals over Bills

Raiders over Titans

Dolphins over Browns

Ravens over Jaguars

Packers over Lions

Broncos over Bengals

Panthers over Vikings

Giants over Redskins

Late Sunday

Buccaneers over Rams

Seahawks over 49ers

Jets over Chiefs

Colts over Chargers

Steelers over Eagles

sunday night

Cowboys over Bears

monday night

Saints over Falcons


There you have it my week 3 picks are now up. Coming up soon my MLB playoff preview and my NHL season preview. So look for that and other nuggets as well.

2016 week 2 NFL picks

2016 week 2 NFL picks

What an outstanding opening week of regular season action all around the league. There were a lot of meaningful games that can make or break your season. Now time to get the weekly notes out of the way before I get to my picks. Robert Griffin III (RG3) gets hurts in the Browns game vs the Eagles and is out for at least half the season with no guarantee on whether or not he will start again at all. Minnesota Vikings have no clue who there starting quarterback is going to be (Shaun Hill or Sam Bradford)? I would not start either of them, just my preference. The Los Angeles Rams are a laughingstock and a national nightmare. There debut back as the LA Rams was a smashing debut, for the wrong reasons. It is time to start the Jared Goff era sooner rather than later. The game with the 49ers was an absolute joke and even more unwatchable than a WNBA game. Then it gets better, now there are media reports that HC Jeff Fisher (who has had only 6 winning season in 20+ years as an NFL Head Coach) is going to receive an contract extension, for what? I just don’t believe in anything anymore in sports, you would think that you have seen it all. Now for my awaited weekly picks, in the opening week I went 13-3 with some lucky bounces I might add. Now time for my week 2 picks:


Thursday Night football

Jets over Bills

Early Sunday:

Ravens over Browns

Lions over Titans

Patriots over Dolphins

Giants over Saints

Steelers over Bengals

Redskins over Cowboys

Panthers over 49ers

Chiefs over Texans

Late Sunday:

Seahawks over Rams

Cardinals over Buccaneers

Broncos over Colts

Raiders over Falcons

Jaguars over Chargers

Sunday Night Football

Packers over Vikings

Monday Night Football

Eagles over Bears


There you have it my picks are up and will be back next week with more. Now let’s watch some football

2016 NFL Week 1 picks

2016 NFL Week 1 picks

Well football fans another season of my picks (in its 4th season) is going to get started in just a moment after a few notes. Anybody out there think the Cleveland Browns are going to be 0-16? It could happen but I do not want to see that at all. I can’t wait for the Vikings new stadium to open which will start soon. The Broncos had one heck of an offseason for the ages. They got Peyton Manning to retire, and then handled the quarterback position so badly. I predict a bad season coming for the defending champs. So let’s get this season started for the picks for week 1:


Thursday Night:

Panthers over Broncos

Early Sunday:

Packers over Jaguars

Ravens over Bills

Texans over Bears

Eagles over Browns

Buccaneers over Falcons

Vikings over Titans

Bengals over Jets

Raiders over Saints

Chiefs over Chargers

Late Sunday:

Seahawks over Dolphins

Colts over Lions

Giants over Cowboys

Sunday Night Game:

Cardinal over Patriots

Monday Night Game:

Steelers over Redskins

49ers over Rams


There you have it my opening season picks are now in, and we will have plenty football coming up. Now time to watch the games.

2016 NFL Preview and Picks

2016 NFL Preview and Picks

Well another NFL Football season will arrive in days. This offseason was the most interesting in years. Storylines was at a premium all over the league. From the Denver Broncos winning the latest super bowl to a preseason that was so pointless. I have a few thoughts before we get to the picks for this 2016 season. Sam Bradford getting traded was long overdue, and sad to me. It is like Bradford cannot catch a break, also he didn’t want to be in Philadelphia anyway. I still cannot believe Teddy Bridgewater is out for the season, and possible into 2017. I feel for Vikings fans everywhere but they still have a fantastic team. Tom Brady gets suspended finally, patriots fans should not worry there team will be fine. The Ryan Fitzpatrick saga dragged through the entire offseason like a bad soap opera on television. Mark Sanchez could not beat out 2 young quarterbacks in Denver. So he is with the Dallas Cowboys now, and yes there season is already over. Tony Romo got hurt again for the 4th time in 3 years. Colin Kaepernick made headlines by not standing for the national anthem? Yes football fans that really happened, and the story has not died down yet. Now for my division by division picks for 2016.


American Conference


New England, N.Y. Jets, Miami, Buffalo


Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Cleveland


Indianapolis, Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee


Oakland, Kansas City, Denver, San Diego

National Conference


N.Y. Giants, Washington, Dallas, Philadelphia


Green Bay, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit


Carolina, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Atlanta


Arizona, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco


there you have it my division picks, and look out for my week 1 picks coming soon.

2016 NBA Finals preview + pick

2016 NBA Finals preview + pick

This playoff season is the best in years. Most of the series from the 1st round til now! Had a lot of action and drama as far as storylines go. Now we officially have our two teams in the finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are meeting for the Second straight year for the right of holding the Larry O’Brien trophy. The Cavaliers are a different team from a season ago, when they barely mustered 2 wins earlier in last season’s NBA finals. They didn’t have there two impact players in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. This year is different because they are healthy and playing well. The Cavaliers led by the king of Cleveland Lebron James who is determined to win another but one for the city of Cleveland. The Cavaliers will need heavy contributions from both J.R. Smith and Tristian Thompson in order to take control of this series. Toronto cause some problems for a little while but could not win in the end.
As for the Golden State Warriors, they are coming off a tremendous series vs. Oklahoma City Thunder who nearly had them trailing 3 games to 1 before giving it away. It was by far there toughest test this postseason. They were down but not out as they become the latest team to comeback from a 3-1 series hole to win it. The Warriors have been great all season winning 73 games (all time single season wins record) in the regular season. Handing teams like the Rockets, Trail Blazers, and Thunder. They got plenty of contributors like Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and oh yeah Stephan Curry NBA MVP 2years running. The benches for both teams is just about even on both teams. Here is my pick: Golden State in 7 games. Sorry Lebron and Cleveland your streak will continue.

My 2016 Stanley Cup Finals Preview + Pick

My 2016 Stanley Cup Finals Preview + Pick

What a year in the NHL and it comes down to this final series. I like this matchup because no one had this matchup when they were picking the games. I am so happy for the San Jose Sharks (been around for 25 years, since 1991), that they finally put together an impressive playoff run. There were at least 3 times in there history that they should have made to a Stanley Cup Final. All those talented players that have come in and out of this sharks franchise. This should really be a celebration for them and now. Current players like Joe Thornton, Patrik Marleau, and Joe Palvelski leading and contributing to the Sharks playoff run. I would like to pick them, but they have a touch opponent in Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins have had a fantastic playoff run by themselves by beating the toughest teams in the Eastern Conference like the Rangers, Captials, and the Lightning. Ever since the change during the season from going from Mike Johnson to Mike Sullivan as head coach of the Penguins. We cannot forget Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin at all here. They have not needed to score much this postseason, due to the bundance of secondary scoring from there young players. The great play of there young goaltender Matt Murray who could replace Marc-Andre Fleury one day. I think this will be a great series, and I would get ready for a lot of scoring chances in this one. Here is my pick, although I would take Pittsburgh I am going to take t Sharks in 7 games. So get ready for a series that could be one of the best.

Look out for my NBA Finals preview within the next few days.

2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conference Finals Preview

2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conference Finals Preview

its been a great playoffs so far, but the best is yet to come with both of there series. so without further ado lets get started:

Eastern Conference Tampa Bay lightning vs Pittsburgh Penguins:

I believe the Lightning has had there hands full of injuries to key players like Stamkos, Strajman, and now Bishop (who is expected back later in this series). However the Lighning have better depth than the Penguins. Don’t count out the Penguins they have been playing well with Malkin and Crosby. Murray the goaltender has been a pleasant surprise for the Penguins. Ever wonder if Fleury is going to comeback at here? We will have to see as i predict the Lightning to win in 6 games

Western Conference San Jose Sharks vs St. Louis Blues:

Well just as you thought the Sharks have finally gotten over there playoff ills, they are back again. This i think is a grand opportunity for both the Sharks and the Blues to get to the stanley cup finals. The Blues have not been since 1970 and that is a long time. Meanwhile the Sharks have had 2 chances to reach a stanley cup final and have not. I dont know who to pick here. I say this series is going 7 games regardless. I have to pick the Sharks besides the bay area needs to experience a stanley cup final atmosphere for once.

Will be back for the Stanley Cup final soon!!

2016 NBA playoff preview

2016 NBA playoff preview

well it’s playoff time in the NBA. I think we have a good group of teams ready to compete for the Larry o’brien trophy. We got the Golden State Warriors ready to defend there championship. But they must be aware that every team they face will give them there all. They won 73 games this season. However they need to finish the job. Why get the single season record with no championship to cap it would be a major disappointment. So here is my picks:


eastern conference:

cleveland over Detroit 6 games

miami over Charlotte 5 games

Boston over Atlanta 7 games

Toronto over Indiana 5 games

Western Conference

Golden State over Houston 6 games

San Antonio over Memphis 7 games

Oklahoma City over Dallas 7 games

Portland over LA Clippers 7 games

There you have it my 1st round round picks are now in. I should be back with more sports takes soon. Look for my NFL draft preview soon. My NBA lottery preview is also on the way.

My Stanley Cup Playoff preview + picks

My Stanley Cup Playoff preview + picks

Well hockey fans its playoff time! I for one am glad it’s here and that regular season could not end any sooner. The second season has arrived with a surprise. No Canadian teams in this postseason for the 1st time since 1972. We are not making it up, and it’s really interesting that not one from the Canadian border made it. You can bet that Canada is hopping mad today. But hey you still have hope for the Raptors basketball and Blue Jays baseball. Oh did we mention the CFL at all here? We are sorry to hear about the passing of Ed Snider (founder and owner) of the Philadelphia Flyers. 2 year battle with cancer is the reason we had not heard much from him. Snider will be sorely missed in the Philly community. As well as the entire hockey world from everywhere. Now it’s time for the postseason picks.

Eastern Conference

Washington over Philadelphia 7 games
N.Y. Rangers over Pittsburgh 6 games
Florida over N.Y. Islanders 7 games
Tampa Bay over Detroit 5 games

Western conference

Los Angeles over San Jose 6 games
Anaheim over Nashville 5 games
Chicago over St. Louis 7 games
Dallas over Minnesota 6 games

There you have it hockey fans and let’s drop the puck already on this postseason. I will be back for 2nd round previews in the coming weeks.