This week in the BBFL

This week in the BBFL

well time for another edition of the BBFL, as week 3 has arrived. one team remains undefeated (Northside Predators) at 2-0, and has scored the most points in the league. So who could stop them, i dont know who? The Eastside Cowboys (at 0-2) are now in dire straights for a win. It will be an important game for them. The Southside saints won a game, but there offensive troubles continue to plague especially early on in the game. So this week’s theme its critical Sunday for most of the teams. The halfway point of the season is reached. Now we will see the best football coming up the rest of the way. Besides time for you to come out to a game at Lawson Field in the heart of downtown Birmingham.

Last week scores: (Week 2)

Northside Predators   54

Westside Wranglers    36


Southside Saints    16

Eastside Cowboys  14


This week’s games:

week 3

0-2 Eastside cowboys vs 2-0 Northside predators

1-1 westside Wranglers vs 1-1 Southside Saints


all games is at Lawson Field, and tickets are still available

This week in BBFL Football

This week in BBFL Football

a new football league has come to Birmingham, Alabama last week as the debut of the Birmingham Bullies Football League. It has 4 teams (all in Birmingham) and it plays its games as Lawson Field. Im the Public Address Announcer for the league so i get to do both games. Here are the scores from last week’s action if you missed it:

Northside Predators 40             Eastside Cowboys        6

Southside Saints          8             Westside Wranglers    28


This week’s action:

2pm local game

1-0 wranglers vs predators 1-0

6pm local game

0-1 Saints vs Cowboys 0-1


So y’all come out to Lawson Field to enjoy some great football, i will be there will you!!!

2018 NCAA Tourney Picks (Elite Eight)

2018 NCAA Tourney Picks (Elite Eight)

What a tournament so far, each round has provided some drama, excitement, and the unexpected. Now we moved into the round of 8, so it’s time to get these picks in. I cannot imagine anybody having a good bracket left. Here is my elite eight picks:


Loyola-Chicago over Kansas State

Michigan over Florida State


Villanova over Texas Tech

Duke over Kansas


There you have it, my elite eight picks are up and a final four preview is coming soon.

2018 NCAA tourney Picks (Sweet 16)

2018 NCAA tourney Picks (Sweet 16)

well lets just get to it my sweet 16 picks:


Nevada over loyola-Chicago

Kentucky over Kansas State

Texas A&M over Michigan

Gonzaga over florida State


Kansas over Clemson

Duke over Syracuse

Villanova over west Virginia

Purdue over Texas Tech


There you have it, my sweet 16 picks are now up. Its been a great tournament so far, with so many brackets busted for real.

2018 NCAA Tourney picks (round of 32)

2018 NCAA Tourney picks (round of 32)

These last two days have been unbelievable. Upsets of unexpected source happening in all regions. However the one that will have the sports world talking for a long time: a #16 (UMBC) beating a #1 (Virginia). It took 33 years and 132 games in that span to finally happen. Add the 3 other games and it’s 135 now after this weekend’s action. It’s been crazy tearing up these brackets and then some. Now for this weekend’s picks in round 2:

Saturday’s Action:

Villanova over Alabama

Duke over Rhode Island

Kentucky over Buffalo

Tennessee over Loyola-Chicago

Seton Hall over Kansas

Ohio State over Gonzaga

Florida over Texas Tech

Michigan over Houston

Sunday’s Action:

Purdue over Butler

Michigan State over Syracuse

North Carolina over Texas A&M

Auburn over Clemson

Cincinnati over Nevada

UMBC over Kansas State

Xavier over Florida State

West Virginia over Marshall


There you have it my picks are up, I’m sure y’all will tear your brackets even more after the weekend is over.

2018 NCAA Tourney Picks: Round of 64 (Friday’s action)

2018 NCAA Tourney Picks: Round of 64 (Friday’s action)

I will go ahead with Friday’s action and its picks. Cant really talk about the action at all.

Afternoon session:

Providence over Texas A&M

Purdue over Cal State-Fullerton

Wichita State over Marshall

Cincinnati over Georgia State

North Carolina over Lipscomb

Butler over Arkansas

West Virginia over Murray State

Nevada over Texas

Night Session:

Kansas State over Creighton

Michigan State over Bucknell

Xavier over Texas Southern

Auburn over Charleston

Virginia over UMBC

Syracuse over TCU

Florida State over Missouri

Clemson over New Mexico State


there you have it my round of 64 picks are in, i will be back before saturday for round 2 (Round of 32) picks. Enjoy the games folks!!


2018 NCAA Tourney Picks: Round of 64 Version

2018 NCAA Tourney Picks: Round of 64 Version

well the play in games did not really provide the drama, we all wanted. I am not speaking for the average sports fan, just for myself on here. I think i only won 1 maybe 2 games out of the four games. However i am looking to get off to a good start. I am not filling in a bracket, frankly its too much in my opinion.  So time to fill your brackets once and for all, and now time for Thursday’s action:

Afternoon session:

Rhode Island over Oklahoma

Tennessee over wright state

Gonzaga over North carolina-greensboro

Kansas over Penn

Duke over iona

Miami over Loyola-Chicago

Ohio State over South Dakota State

Seton Hall over North carolina State

Night Session:

Villanova over Radford

Kentucky over Davidson

San Diego State over Houston

Texas Tech over Stephen F. Austin

Alabama over Virginia Tech

Arizona over Buffalo

Michigan over Montana

Florida over St. Bonaventure

There you go the entire action on Thursday, good luck to y’all brackets


NCAA Tourney Picks: The First Four

NCAA Tourney Picks: The First Four

How about march madness has finally arrive in style. So the NCAA Tounament has its usual cast of characters, and there are some that should not be invited to the party. I called them party crashers, so if they plan on staying they need to do one thing. Gotta win til the end, and have to do it six times. Or in some cases 7 with this play in game coming up. For these teams it’s a chance to start over there season. So who moves on to the round of 64, here are my picks:

Tuesday’s action

LIU-Brooklyn over Radford

UCLA over St. Bonaventure

Wednesday’s action

North Carolina Central over Texas Southern

Arizona State over Syracuse


There you have it my First Four picks are up. Don’t you worry I will have 1st round picks soon, so fill those brackets already. I have will you?


Super Bowl LII (52) Preview + Pick

Super Bowl LII (52) Preview + Pick

How about the super bowl matching up the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. This will be a great game kicking off in a few hours. Tom Brady will be going for his 6th super bowl victory all time, so is Bill Belichick. The Eagles don’t look like a super bowl team, even though they had an easy playoff run. The Eagles did it without Carson Wentz, injured late in the season. Nick Foles has done an outstanding job filling in. Foles was at one time the future of the Eagles. Now he finds himself playing the role of Jeff Hostetler. The Eagles will need to play an outstanding game if they are to beat the Patriots. It will be a tough task considering Brady is very good at reading defenses and handling the blitz’s The Eagles will need to stay close to the Patriots on the scoreboard if they have any chance of winning.

Now for my pick: Patriots over Eagles 42-24 in the super bowl

NFL Playoffs: Conference Title Games Preview + Picks

NFL Playoffs: Conference Title Games Preview + Picks

What a weekend in store for the NFL, as the playoffs continue to get interesting. We got a new comer to the fold. What is more intriguing is that 3 of the 4 teams will be looking to win a super bowl for the 1st time ever. Only the New England Patriots have been the recent winners of a super bowl. How about them Jacksonville Jaguars, being the story of the playoffs thus far? First they barely beat the Buffalo Bills, and then beat up on the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend. I mean that is a shocker for the ages, we thought it was 1996 all over again. In that season, the Jaguars beat the Bills and the Broncos. Then playing, and losing to the surprising New England Patriots, in the AFC title game that year. We will see how the Jaguars fare this time around. They will need to contain Tom Brady and the rest of the dynamic Patriots.


In the NFC title game, who knew it would be the Eagles and the Vikings? This one could be my toughest pick of the season. I honestly don’t know who to root for? Both teams are starting backup quarterbacks. The Vikings really don’t have a starter, but they have 3 capable quarterbacks that could start on any team. Keenum, Bradford, and Bridgewater are all active for this game. As for the Eagles they have Nick Foles, need I say more? Since taking over for Carson Wentz, Foles has played decently for the most part. I however have yet to see his best game. This would be a good time for one. So this game should be an interesting one.


AFC Championship Game: Patriots over Jaguars

NFC Championship Game: Vikings over Eagles


There you have it, and cannot wait for the super bowl in Minnesota in 2 weeks. I am not doing the pro bowl so don’t even ask this year.