Latest weekly extra point #4

Latest weekly extra point #4

Islanders and Coyotes need new homes and soon

First for the New York Islanders, there time in Brooklyn maybe coming to an end much sooner than anyone anticipating? The Barclays Center wants to kick them out, and there product on the ice is not helping the Islanders cause. But they have 2 seasons to go after this current season. So there have been reports lately that Hartford, CT wants to house them on a temporary basis. The XL Center would love to have them, but they will need to renovate quickly in order to make them a permanent home. So the fight there is not over, but not so much for the Arizona Coyotes.

The Coyotes have had problems ever since they relocated from Winnipeg, MA. They have loss money on an annual basis, and yet they continue to play in the state of Arizona. The arena they currently play in cancel a 15 year lease with the team, as the city of Glendale no longer wants them. They recently learned that Arizona State University has backed out of a deal to help build them a new building. Well the Coyotes will need a solution soon, because there lease in there current arena is over after 2018. There have been reports of team officials touring possible sites for relocation. Cities that have been mentioned are Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Quebec City is also a possibility, but it would be a long shot at best. So what would the Coyotes do at this point? They don’t have a lot of time to figure it out, and may need the help of the NHL.

Latest Weekly Extra Point #3

Latest Weekly Extra Point #3

The End for Tiger Woods is sooner than we think

I will admit I do not know too much about golf, but I have watched on TV. I am not a Tiger Woods fan, but have to respect his game. He made PGA Golf matter, and in a big way. Since the mid-1990’s golf has become a sport that is relevant today. All of this made possible thanks due to the play of Tiger Woods winning the main events, and the majors. How about 14 majors that he has won from the following like the Masters, PGA Championship, British Open, and the U.S. Open. But now it’s all an afterthought as Tiger Woods is left to find a way to recapture his winning ways. It will not be easy with the constant pain in his knees, back, etc. I think it’s really a shame that we won’t see history here. What I mean is Woods had a chance to break; Jack Nickulas all time record of 18 winning majors. So at this point nobody knows what is next for Tiger, he’s 40 years old now. But a great career (nonetheless) has come to an end in my book. The PGA Tour has benefited from the success of Tiger Woods, and I hope they are grateful for it.

Latest Weekly Extra Point #2

Latest Weekly Extra Point #2

The Embarrassment of the New York Knicks Basketball

The constant updated rumors about trading Carmelo Anthony, to Phil Jackson getting under his skin about his overall play. It was Jackson that gave Melo a no trade clause in his recent deal. So Phil Jackson has nobody to blame but himself. I believe that Phil Jackson could be the Matt Millen of the NBA, when it comes to executive decisions. There is a good chance that potential free agents could shy away from the Knicks, if Jackson continues to run the team. The Knicks were at one point 3rd in the Eastern Conference standings, now they have fallen so badly to 12th in the conference. They currently sit 10 games under .500 (winning percentage) at 22-32. They are running out of time, in order to make a playoff run. I feel they don’t deserve to even make the playoffs at all. It is time to make changes either now or at the end of the season. Now here comes the Charles Oakley incident that has grabbed the headlines like a thief in the night. This one you have to blame both, but more James Dolan who started this debacle. He even fired the head of MSG security for the Oakley incident. Now the fans will definitely turned on Dolan, for banning Oakley for life. So Dolan decided to go Pete Rose on us now? He even detailed Oakley’s dirty laundry on a radio show in New York. This is such an embarrassment that it is not even watch able on TV anymore. The Knicks fans deserve better and it maybe a long time before any good happens out of this. This off season should be an interesting one, but for who? Stay tuned!!

Latest Weekly Extra Point (1st of 2017)

Latest Weekly Extra Point (1st of 2017)

Will Vegas end up with the Raiders, at all?

Raiders still plan to move to Vegas, in spite of recent financial back outs. They filed the paperwork for relocation, sometime ago in January. What about the city of Oakland, CA and do they even have a chance at all here? I really don’t see the city of Oakland doing anything now, or even later. They are on the verge of losing the Golden State Warriors (to San Francisco), possibly the Oakland Athletics baseball team to San Jose or Montreal. So about 5 years Oakland will be a ghost town, with no sports teams. The Raiders needed a new building for years, and they did nothing with it. In Las Vegas, the Raiders have had 2 prominent companies that have backed out of money deals for a new stadium. The reasons have been compelled to say the least, but not legit in my eyes. I think the Raiders would work in Las Vegas with great fan support. There has not been a vote for the Raiders relocation as of now. The rule is that 24 of the 32 NFL owners would have to say yes to the Raiders moving. There are some hurdles the Raiders have to endure, but the process is there. As for when it will take place, they hope the 2020 season is when the Raiders plan to be in Vegas. We will see what happens next with the Raiders as far as on the field issues.

My Divisional Playoff Picks

My Divisional Playoff Picks

How about it football fans we made it to 2017. Now we got some notes to go through before we get to the picks. The Chargers are now in Los Angeles, and looks like the Raiders will make a move to Las Vegas. Still developing at this time, we will keep a close watch on it during the off season. 5 teams have new head coaches heading into the 2017 season. Only the San Francisco 49ers are left without a coach. Johnny Manziel will be at Super Bowl Week in Houston charging for both selfies and autographs, huh!! He cannot be serious about this, how is this even a story?? Now for my picks, sorry I was not here during the wild card round, didn’t miss much at all a season there was no close games.

Saturday’s Games

Seahawks over Falcons

Patriots over Texans

Sunday’s Games

Packers over Cowboys

Steelers over Chiefs

There you have it my picks are up and there will be more playoff action next week I will talk to you then

2016 NFL week 17 (regular season finale) NFL picks

2016 NFL week 17 (regular season finale) NFL picks

How about that we have finally reached the end of the regular season with the final week. A few quick notes from the league as the coaches are making the news off the field. Rex Ryan is gone from buffalo as they did not want to wait. There will be more coaches on the hot seat between now and Monday. The San Diego Chargers lost a game, but this one was the worst of the year. The Cleveland browns ended a 17 game losing streak going back to last season. What a shame and it may be the end for the Chargers tenure in San Diego if it comes to it. Last week I went 11-5 in week 16, and for the season I’m 154-83-2 as I go for the 160 win mark to end the regular season.

Early sunday

Ravens over Bengals
Texans over Titans
Buccaneers over Panthers
Jets over Bills
Patriots over Dolphins
Colts over Jaguars
Vikings over Bears
Steelers over Browns
Cowboys over Eagles

Late Sunday

Falcons over Saints
Cardinals over Rams
Raiders over Broncos
Giants over Redskins
Seahawks over 49ers
Chiefs over Chargers

Sunday night

Packers over Lions

there you have it my regular season picks are up and try to have a happy new year and welcome 2017 in style!!

My Picks for the year in review for 2016

My Picks for the year in review for 2016

What a year in sports, so many headlines that was like a good Clint Eastwood movie (The good, the bad, and the ugly). It was also the year of the surprise and the unexpected. Even championships droughts came into play this time around. There is a potential for Relocation in select sports as we head into the new year. Las Vegas finally gets a pro sports team, but this sport will surprise you. There were teams that made surprising runs in the postseason. We got a heavy dose of great personalities that made headlines on and off the field. Now here is my year in review picks of 2016:

• Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl in Santa Clara, and later on QB Peyton Manning retires as one of the best all time

• Chicago Cubs win the world series after a 108 year championship drought that goes all the way back to 1908

• Tim Tebow finally gives up football, but is giving baseball a try

• Longtime Turner Sports reporter Craig Sager passes away at age of 65

• Tim Duncan retires from NBA Basketball after a long career

• Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA Championship (1st time ever)

• Alabama Crimson Tide wins the National Championship in Football

• Pittsburgh Penguins win there 3rd Stanley Cup Championship

• Johnny Manziel out of football, and out of his mind literally

• UAB is gearing up for a return to football in 2017, and will get a new facility in the future.

• Yahoo Sports Radio is no more, who knew?

• Birmingham gets a 2nd sports talk station called 99.1 FM The Game (debut back in August)

• NFL Hall of Fame game gets cancelled due to on field conditions

• Both NBA and MLB have new CBA agreements to take them for the next few years

• The Olympics was a success despite the warning signs and conditions

• The city of Seattle wants an NBA and/or an NHL team eventually as the city creates a new ownership group with an arena in mind

• NFL Football is back in Los Angeles after a 22 year absence, with the Rams back in town

• Villanova wins the NCAA Tournament in Basketball for the 1st time since 1985

• Verne Lundqvist retires (somewhat) from broadcasting SEC Football games on CBS

• Both Vin Scully and Dick Enberg retire from broadcasting after long and distinguish careers behind the microphone that expands 5 decades or so

There you have it my top 20 picks for 2016, let me know if I missed something and I will be back for 2017 really soon

My weekly extra point #9

My weekly extra point #9

John Tortorella wins his 500th game as an NHL Head Coach

Tortorella is one of the most successful coaches in the National Hockey League. The former Lightning, Rangers, Canucks coach is the first American born coach ever to win 500 games. John Tortorella won a Stanley Cup back in 2004, so he knows what he is doing. Most of his players’ throughout the years really love playing for him. I still don’t like the way he was dismissed by both the Canucks and the Rangers. Tortorella throughout his years as an NHL coach provided entertaining sound bites, enough to fill an audio library. Believe me; the NHL is good with a John Tortorella coached team in the playoffs. The best part about Torts is his handling of the media. Since he took over the Columbus Blue Jackets (last season) the team is actually competitive and winning. Tortorella has a chance to do great things in Columbus that no one would believe? I cannot wait for the playoffs and see what the Blue Jackets are going to do. I say good luck to the Blue Jackets for the rest of the season, and they will need it.

My weekly extra point #8

My weekly extra point #8

The Gus Bradley Era is finally over, Marrone named Interim for the Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars have not played well at all this season. They have only 2 wins on the season, as they lost there 9th consecutive game this past Sunday. They lost to the Houston Texans by 1 point (21-20), after blowing another good lead in Houston, TX. The Jacksonville Jaguars are now 2-12 in this 2016 NFL season. Gus Bradley was no longer going to be the coach of the Jaguars regardless. It had been speculated for weeks on Bradley’s status going forward. However, Bradley didn’t even win no more than, 14 games with the Jaguars. But Gus Bradley had no say on compiling the roster, so how can he succeed anyway? So I concluded that Gus Bradley had no chance, and this past Sunday he was finally fired. Now for the final 2 games will be coached by Doug Marrone, and this will not go well anyway as the Jaguars play both the Titans and Colts. When there season concludes the Jaguars will have to go back to the drawing board, and see what happens in the off season. The Jacksonville Jaguars once took the NFL by storm back in the latter 1990’s. It would be nice to get back to them at some point this century.

2016 NFL week 16 Picks

2016 NFL week 16 Picks

This will be an exciting week as we head down the stretch, with playoff spots on the line. Still with about 20 teams in line for a playoff berth, but only 12 can go to the NFL’s postseason tournament. Gus Bradley days as Jacksonville Jaguars coach is over, as he was fired right after the game. How classless you have to be to let a coach go even after the game, on the road no less. So there are 2 teams without a coach (Rams and Jaguars), and there will be more coming. I would keep a close watch on the Buffalo bills situation and Rex Ryan. I think his days are numbered, but coming into this weekend he is 15-15. Who would have thought that notion? Nobody im sure at all, and Bills fan put your hand down right now. So what happens if he wins the last 2 games, are the Bills management gonna keep him? We will have to stay tuned for the latest news, and anything else that happens. In week 15 I was an outstanding 13-3, and for the season im 143-78-2. I can easily reach my goal of 150 wins, if the winds go right for the taking. Now here is the week 16 picks:

Thursday Night

Giants over Eagles

Early Saturday

Dolphins over Bills
Patriots over Jets
Titans over Jaguars
Packers over Vikings
Chargers over Browns
Redskins over Bears
Falcons over Panthers

Late Saturday

Raiders over Colts
Buccaneers over Saints
Seahawks over Cardinals
49ers over Rams

Saturday Night

Texans over Bengals

Sunday’s Games

Steelers over Ravens
Chiefs over Broncos

Monday night

Cowboys over Lions

There you have it, my picks are now up! remember most of the action is on Saturday and not much on Sunday. Don’t forget this coming week my college football playoff preview is coming soon. By the way, I am not impress with some of the bowls so far, its time to reduce the bowls and have more playoff games, period. Happy holidays 2 ya’ll and be safe out there!!