My 2020 NFL Playoffs Picks (Conference Championship Games)

My 2020 NFL Playoffs Picks (Conference Championship Games)

Well we got 2 good games, and the NFL could not ask for anything better. These are the last 4 standing as a trip to the super bowl (in 2weeks) is on the line. Before we get to the picks, on to a few notes around the league. Matthew Stafford has finally seen the light and now asked to be traded this off-season. Interesting timing on his part, however he should have asked for one 3 years ago.However, some teams are busy filling out there head coaching vacancies. The following have filled there’s like the Jets, Falcons, Lions, Chargers,and Jaguars. Only the Texans and Eagles are still looking at this time. So it’s now time to talk Conference title games.

NFC Championship game: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Green Bay Packers, This matchup I was not expecting however got to give the Buccaneers there praise. 2 playoff wins on the road. Tom Brady is definitely been the story of these playoffs so far. However he’s got great receivers getting the job done like Rob Gronkowski, Mike Evans, and Antonio Brown. The Packers have a great offense of there own with Aaron Rodgers.It will come down to which defense can get the job done. So my pick: Buccaneers over Packers

AFC Championship Game: Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs. This game is very intriguing only because it features the Buffalo Bills and there quarterback Josh Allen. The Bills are having one of the great seasons in recent memory. They finally won the AFC East division for the first time in 25 years, and won a playoff game also in that span. So now there toughest task is going to Kansas City and beat the defending super bowl champions. This won’t be easy considering who plays for the Chiefs. Chad Henne could play if Mahomes is not available. However, the Chiefs will be fine considering the weapons they have in Kelce, Hill, and that running game. However I am more impressed with the way the Bills have played all season. This game you definitely don’t want to miss. My pick: Bills over Chiefs in a stunning upset

So my super bowl would be Buccaneers and Bills. Enjoy the games Football fans!!

My 2020 NFL Playoffs Picks (divisional round)

My 2020 NFL Playoffs Picks (divisional round)

well what a start to the playoffs in 2021, the opening round had 6 good games. I believe this format is here to stay. Well go ahead and add the Philadelphia Eagles to the list of needing a head coach. Doug Pederson, who declared that he would be back for 2021 about 2 weeks ago. No way said the Eagles management brass, as they fired him. How can the Eagles fire the only coach to win them a Super Bowl? I am shocked but they did, and now the Eagles can finally move on from a short era of Pederson. It does leave a lot of questions plaguing the Eagles for the upcoming offseason. The Jaguars are about to hire Urban Meyer, i know shocking development here. Meyer cant stay out the coaching game. However, we should have known better on this one. Why the Jaguars though, its not a great challenge to me. Well we will see how long this show last, because its the NFL which stands for ‘Not For Long’. Good luck Urban, because you will need it. I went 3-3 last week on my playoff picks however, its time. Now for my picks in the divisional round:


Packers over Rams

Chiefs over Browns


Bills over Ravens

Saints over Buccaneers

So its time for more playoff football, enjoy the games!!

My 2020 NFL Playoff Picks (Wild Card Round)

My 2020 NFL Playoff Picks (Wild Card Round)

Well the end of the regular season has passed, and we now have our 14 teams. It’s the 1st season of the expanded playoffs. It’s the first type of expansion of this kind since 1990. So the NFL got this one right for sure. Now at this time there are 6 teams looking for a new head coach. The 6 teams are Falcons, Lions, Texans, Jets, Jaguars, and the Chargers. We will definitely keep you updated on those coaching situations as the playoffs roll on. So I finished the regular season on my weekly picks as follows. In Week 17, I went 12-4 and finished 166-89-1. Can’t wait for 2021 version of the weekly picks. Now for my opening round picks:

Saturday Action

Bills over Colts

Seahawks over Rams

Buccaneers over Washington

Sunday’s Action

Titans over Ravens

Saints over Bears

Steelers over Browns

there you have it, and it’s definitely playoff time. This is where the best football gets played. I will be back soon enjoy the games!!

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 17)

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 17)

Happy New Year to all my followers and fellow sports fans.Well 2020 is done and over with, however the regular season finale is here. In the NFL, it’s almost playoff time here. There are some spots remaining that need to be settled. Here is what needs to be filled. The AFC South division is only a 2 team race (Titans and Colts). The 3 wild card spots remain open to 5 AFC teams going into Sunday. Teams like the 2 I just mentioned, Dolphins, Browns, and Ravens. This Sunday is one you definitely want to tune in. On the NFC side, it is puzzling in one division (NFC East). 3 teams (Giants, Cowboys, and Washington) have a shot of winning the East at an under .500 record. Whoever wins it gets the 4th seed no matter what happens. The Giants host the Cowboys to see who keeps there slim hopes alive. So we have to wait til the end of the night to see who goes to the playoffs. Oh yes there is more, 3 teams (Rams, Cardinals, and Bears) have a shot at the 2 final Wild Cards in the NFC. The Rams and Cardinals play each other but have to wait for the Bears to finish there game first. If the Bears win, they are in. However if they lose, both the Rams and Cardinals would be in. The only thing would be left to play for is positioning in the wild card.That’s why they play the games. We won’t discuss the coaching situation with several teams, that’s for the next post. In Week 16 I went 9-7 and conclude the month of December going 39-24. In this 2020 season I am 154-85-1 as I have achieved my goal. Now for the regular season finale picks:

Early Sunday

Bills over Dolphins

Vikings over Lions

Giants over Cowboys

Patriots over Jets

Steelers over Browns

Ravens over Bengals

Buccaneers over Falcons

Late Sunday

Saints over Panthers

Raiders over Broncos

Packers over Bears

Colts over Jaguars

Titans over Texans

Chiefs over Chargers

Cardinals over Rams

Seahawks over 49ers

Sunday night

Eagles over Washington

There you have it, my finale picks are on the board as 2021 gets underway. I will be back for the NFL playoffs preview next week. I will talk to you later!!

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 16)

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 16)

Happy holidays to all my followers and sports fans everywhere. Hope your holiday season is going well so far. Well let’s get to the headlines on this day. Kevin Greene who was a Top 5 defensive player back in the day. Also a bright assistant coach in the NFL for quite sometime has passed away earlier this week at the age of 58. Don’t know the cause but we will find out later on. It’s official: the New England Patriots will not make the playoffs for the 1st time in 12 years. It was a great run, but it has ended, so now they focus is getting to that offseason and retool there team. Finally, this is a good week to really separate the contenders from the pretenders, as playoff spots are still on the line in both conferences. In week 15, I went 11-5, and in December I am now 30-17. In this 2020 NFL season, I am 145-78-1 as my quest to 150 wins is about to achieve this week. Now onto my Week 16 picks:

Friday’s game

Saints over Vikings

Saturday’s Action

Buccaneers over Lions

Cardinals over 49ers

Dolphins over Raiders

Early Sunday

Browns over Jets

Giants over Ravens

Chiefs over Falcons

Texans over Bengals

Bears over Jaguars

Colts over Steelers

Late Sunday

Washington over Panthers

Broncos over Chargers

Seahawks over Rams

Cowboys over Eagles

Sunday night

Packers over Titans

Monday night

Bills over Patriots

There you have it my picks are on the board. One more note: Congratulations the New York Jets finally win a game this season. What, did you really think I was not going to point that out? Come on!! Alright y’all enjoy the games and I will be back for the season finale of the weekly picks for 2020

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 15)

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 15)

We are at the home stretch for sure now. Still a bunch of playoff spots on the line. It will continue to do so beyond this coming week. The New York Jets are still winless on the season (0-13). They have the following: LA Rams, Cleveland Browns, and finish up with the New England Patriots. Speaking of the Patriots, there division winning streak of the AFC East will come to an end this season. The Buffalo Bills have a shot of winning it for the first time since 1995. They could do so this coming weekend vs. Denver. QB Alex Smith comeback story might have ended, at least for this season. A leg injury forced Smith out of the game last week for Washington. However they are all alone on top of the NFC East division. 3 games to go this season, and all 4 teams are still alive for now. So in Week 14 I went 8-8, and in the month of December I’m 19-12. In this crazy 2020 season I’m 134-73-1. So here is my Week 15 picks:

Thursday night

Raiders over Chargers

Saturday Action

Bills over Broncos

Packers over Panthers

Early Sunday

Titans over Lions

Seahawks over Washington

Colts over Texans

Buccaneers over Falcons

Ravens over Jaguars

Dolphins over Patriots

Cowboys over 49ers

Vikings over Bears

Late Sunday

Rams over Jets

Cardinals over Eagles

Chiefs over Saints

Sunday night

Giants over Browns

Monday night

Steelers over Bengals

There you have it my picks are up on the board for your disposal. Have had it and I will catch you soon.

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 14)

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 14)

Well, well, well, and oh yeah well! What a week in the national football league. I do not know where to begin, except in Pittsburgh where the Washington Football Team beat the mighty Steelers. Undefeated no more are the Steelers, it was a great run while it lasted. The Philadelphia Eagles are making a change at Quarterback, as Carson Wentz is benched. Jalen Hurts (2nd round pick) gets his 1st NFL start, strange timing on this one. The Eagles are now 3-8-1 and are in a lot of trouble as there playoff hopes took a major hit Sunday night. By the way, the NFC East has suddenly become the most interesting division in the NFL. It will be an intiguing 4 weeks of the regular season. Now onto my picks as it was a great way to start the month of December, as i went 11-4 in week 13. In this 2020 NFL season, i’m now 126-65-1 what a season on my picks. Now for the week 14 picks:

Thursday Night

Rams over Patriots

Early Sunday

Texans over Bears

Cowboys over Bengals

Chiefs over Dolphins

Panthers over Broncos

Giants over Cardinals

Titans over Jaguars

Buccaneers over Vikings

Late Sunday

Raiders over Colts

Seahawks over Jets

Packers over Lions

Saints over Eagles

Falcons over Chargers

49ers over Washington

Sunday Night

Steelers over Bills

Monday Night

Ravens over Browns

There you have it my picks are on the board for display. Y’all have a good winning weekend and be safe!!

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 13)

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 13)

This was an all timer as far as crazy storylines, and constant moving of games. The Ravens-Steelers game was a snooze fest. I know y’all will disagree with it. Y’all have that luxury, however i am not trying to be right about it. The Denver Broncos didn’t have a quarterback, and it really showed. Losing to the Saints was only half the fun. Ithink i will invest in the NFL Sunday Ticket, next season. I have not been impressed with some of these games all season. Luckily, the final 5 weeks are here of the regular season. The Matt Patrica era in Detroit is finally over, he went 13-29-1. Does Matt get another chance in the future? We will see at somepoint! Now onto my picks as last week I went 12-4 in week 12, to finish the month of November at 47-25. In this great 2020 season, i’m only 115-61-1. Now for the weekly picks:

Early sunday:

Saints over Falcons

Raiders over Jets

Vikings over Jaguars

Titans over Browns

Bears over Lions

Colts over Texans

Dolphins over Bengals

Late Sunday:

Cardinals over Rams

Giants over Seahawks

Packers over Eagles

Patriots over Chargers

Sunday Night

Chiefs over Broncos

Monday’s action

Steelers over Washington

Bills over 49ers

Tuesday night

Ravens over Cowboys

There you have it, my picks are on the board! Have at it and i will talk to ya’ll fans on the other side