My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 8)

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 8)

We are almost halfway through the 2020 NFL Regular Season. It’s still an unusual year in sports with the ongoing public health crisis. I would prefer not to give its proper name at this time. Just hoping everybody is being safe out there. Now on to NFL football, as the Tennessee Titans were fined 6 figures for there handing of the health crisis. I guess they will learn there lesson, and be better for it. Both Tom Brady and Drew Brees are battling in the NFL record books for the all time touchdown passes by a quarterback. I just want both to get to 600 all time TD passes in a career. At this point it’s a pipe dream, but remain hopeful. The NFL has announced about potentially limited seating at this year’s Super Bowl. This will definitely upset a lot of fans for sure. Hey I have never been to the Super Bowl, so no complaints from this blogger. Antonio Brown has signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, should we really be shocked or even surprised? Well let’s see how this gets played out for AB. Now an update on my picks, as I went 10-4 in week 7. So in the month of October I’m 37-20, and in this 2020 season I’m 68-36-1. So now time for my latest installment of my weekly picks. Here is my week 8 picks:

Thursday night

Panthers over Falcons

Early Sunday

Ravens over Steelers

Bills over Patriots

Chiefs over Jets

Colts over Lions

Packers over Vikings

Raiders over Browns

Rams over Dolphins

Titans over Bengals

late Sunday

Chargers over Broncos

Seahawks over 49ers

Saints over Bears

Sunday night

Eagles over Cowboys

Monday night

Buccaneers over Giants

There you have it my weekly picks are up on the board here. Y’all be safe out there and enjoy the games!!

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 7)

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 7)

How about this coming week for NFL Football on the horizon. We got some good matchups to look forward to. There has been a scheduled change with a couple of games here. The Tampa Bay-Las Vegas game moves to the afternoon, and the Seattle-Arizona game is now the Sunday night game. There is interest in Antonio Brown, on returning to the NFL after sitting out last season. So let’s get to our picks update. Last week was a better week, only going 9-5. In the month of October I’m 27-16, and for the 2020 season I’m 58-32-1. Now here is my week 7 picks:

Thursday night

Eagles over Giants

Early Sunday

Steelers over Titans

Cowboys over Washington

Bills over Jets

Saints over Panthers

Packers over Texans

Browns over Bengals

Falcons over Lions

Late Sunday

Buccaneers over Raiders

Chargers over Jaguars

49ers over Patriots

Chiefs over Broncos

Sunday night

Seahawks over Cardinals

Monday night

Bears over Rams

There you have it, my picks are on the board. So stay safe out there and enjoy the games.

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 6)

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 6)

As the NFL season continues, more wacky news to say the least. What a week from players and coaches. Leveon Bell is now a Kansas City Chiefs, after his Jets tenure is mercifully over. Oh yeah, the Jets are still winless along with the Giants and Falcons. Dan Quinn was finally let go after the game had completed. Let’s face it, the Falcons have not been the same since the super bowl a few years ago. They also fired the GM Thomas Dimitroff as well. The Pro Bowl will not be played this season, what really? However it will make its return in 2022. I feel bad for Dak Prescott only because of his ankle injury. Now next season is up in the air as to where Dak could play. Alex Smith, finally return to the field for the 1st time in 2 seasons. That was the best uplifting story in sports this year. Now for the picks as last week I went 7-7 in week 5. So in the month of October I’m 18-11, and in 2020 my record is 49-27-1. Here are my week 6 picks:

Early Sunday

Steelers over Browns

Giants over Washington

Titans over Texans

Colts over Bengals

Patriots over Broncos

Panthers over Bears

Jaguars over Lions

Ravens over Eagles

Vikings over Falcons

Late Sunday

Dolphins over Jets

Packers over Buccaneers

Sunday night

49ers over Rams

Monday night

Chiefs over Bills

Cardinals over Cowboys

There you have it my picks are on the board. Stay safe out there, and enjoy the games

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 5)

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 5)

This has been a strange season to say the least. All kinds of headlines all over the place this past week. You just would not believe it if I told you out there. First the Houston Texans fire Bill O’Brien after an apparent argument with one the the Texans star players. Plus they are 0-4 to begin there season compounding the teams struggles. Don’t know who the interim head coach will be. Regardless, his hands will be full the rest of this season. The Washington Football Team is changing quarterbacks as Dwayne Haskins is out, Kyle Allen is in. The Tennessee Titans could potentially be in hot water with the NFL. They have as many as 20+ players testing positive. I mean what is going on in Nashville? Now there is a report floating around about a forfeit to this weekend game vs. the Buffalo Bills. That would not be good for both sides. The Titans are already behind in games so far, as they have 1 game they need to make up later in the season. Now in this crazy season of sports. My picks are off the charts as for the first time ever. Starting the season winning 10 or more games 4 weeks in a row. In week 4, I went 11-4 and for the season so far I’m 42-20-1. So with that being said here is my week 5 picks:

Thursday Night

Buccaneers over Bears

Early Sunday

Bills over Titans

Falcons over Panthers

Chiefs over Raiders

Rams over Washington

Jaguars over Texans

Steelers over Eagles

Cardinals over Jets

Ravens over Bengals

late Sunday

49ers over Dolphins

Colts over Browns

Cowboys over Giants

Patriots over Broncos

Sunday night

Seahawks over Vikings

Monday Night

Saints over Chargers

There you have it my picks are up, and keep up with the latest sports news around the world. Have a good one!!

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 4)

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 4)

How about this past week in the NFL. One team thinking of possibly change coaches. There is one team that is still reeling from blowing another big lead, back to back games by the way. All of this and much more coming up, but there is breaking news on 1 game being postponed. The Titans-Steelers game is being rescheduled for later this season. We will not discuss why as it is still being sought out. Now to the picks as the month of September came to and end. It was the best September to date as I went 31-16-1. In week 3 I went 11-4-1 as the NFL is keeping the ties system again. Now for my week 4 picks:

Thursday night

Broncos over Jets

Early Sunday

Colts over Bears

Jaguars over Bengals

Buccaneers over Chargers

Ravens over Washington

Saints over Lions

Seahawks over Dolphins

Cowboys over Browns

Panthers over Cardinals

Vikings over Texans

Late Sunday

Giants over Rams

Chiefs over Patriots

Bills over Raiders

Sunday night

49ers over Eagles

Monday night

Packers over Falcons

Ok there you have it, now enjoy the games!!

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 3)

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 3)

Well after 2 weeks of NFL action, is it time to separate the contenders from the pretenders? Not so fast, as surprisingly my picks have been good. However in years past I usually get off to slow starts. Well the NFL has fined 3 head coaches this week over not wearing the masks properly. Shocking development there as the Covid 19 continues to hover over the world of sports. More big name players lost to injury as the teams continue to take hits early on the season. Now on to the picks as I went 10-6 again in week 2. So on the 2020 season I’m 20-12 right now. Here are my week 3 picks:

Thursday night

Jaguars over Dolphins

Early Sunday

Eagles over Bengals

Patriots over Raiders

Bills over Rams

Steelers over Texans

Giants over 49ers

Bears over Falcons

Washington over Browns

Titans over Vikings

Late Sunday

Colts over Jets

Panthers over Chargers

Buccaneers over Broncos

Cardinals over Lions

Seahawks over Cowboys

Sunday night

Packers over Saints

Monday night

Chiefs over Ravens


There you have it, the picks are now up. Enjoy the games everyone!!

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (week 2)

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (week 2)

Well the first week was not the best football, but we all got through it. Hopefully the play will be better. We will see better matchups down the line. Tom Brady already catching some heat from Head Coach Bruce Arians. That is quick on the button, however it’s 1 game. Plus there was no preseason whatsoever. Now let’s to week 2 action, as we update the records for my weekly picks. I went 10-6 in week 1 and now time for a better week.

Thursday night

Bengals over Browns

Early Sunday

Giants over Bears

Titans over Jaguars

Cowboys over Falcons

Packers over Lions

Bills over Dolphins

Steelers over Broncos

Rams over Eagles

Vikings over Colts

49ers over Jets

Panthers over Buccaneers

Late Sunday

Cardinals over Washington

Chiefs over Chargers

Ravens over Texans

Sunday night

Patriots over Seahawks

Monday night

Saints over Raiders


There is your week 2 picks, enjoy the games folks

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 1)

My 2020 Weekly NFL Picks (Week 1)

Oh it’s about darn time for some NFL Football. It’s back for now, but it’s week to week. What an off-season and it’s one  that nobody will ever forget. It’s been a long while since I have been on here. Can’t really explain it right now, but I will at a later date. Now there was no preseason this year. So I’m clearly picking out it a rabbit of notes and reports. So here is my opening picks for the 2020 season.

Thursday Night:

Chiefs over Texans

Early Sunday:

Seahawks over Falcons

Bills over Jets

Bears over Lions

Packers over Vikings

Patriots over Dolphins

Eagles over Washington

Raiders over Panthers

Colts over Jaguars

Ravens over Browns

Late Sunday:

Bengals over Chargers

Saints over Buccaneers

49ers over Cardinals

Sunday Night:

Cowboys over Rams

Monday Night:

Giants over Steelers

Titans over Broncos


There you have it, my opening week picks are in the books. Enjoy the games!!

2020 Weekly XFL Picks (Week 3)

2020 Weekly XFL Picks (Week 3)

well this XFL season has gotten a lot of good reviews. Even the play on the field has been a surprise. Week 2 was all about separating the contenders from the pretenders. Both D.C. Defenders and the Houston Roughnecks are 2-0, while both LA Wildcats and Tampa Bay vipers are still looking for win #1. Four other teams are 1-1 so far. So now its time for the picks, as i went 3-1 last week. In this season so far i’m 6-2 in the 2020 season. Now the week 3 picks:

Saturday’s Action:

HOU Roughnecks over TB Vipers

SEA Dragons over DAL Renegades

Sunday’s Action:

NY Guardians over STL Battlehawks

DC Defenders over LA Wildcats


There you have it and enjoy the football action, and dont forget to download the XFL app for all the news and other stuff.

My 2020 Weekly XFL Picks (Week 2)

My 2020 Weekly XFL Picks (Week 2)

Well that was a smashing success with the return of the XFL. Week 1 went well and then some, and a lot of great plays provided in the 4 games we had. The Los Angeles Wildcats will have a new Defensive Coordinator this week, as Pepper Johnson was let go after a bad game. I guess you can say it was quick hook on that one. My goodness this league just got interesting by the week. So i cant wait for this week’s games, and hopefully you are as well. Last week i went 3-1 in week 1 and now time for this week’s games:

Saturday’s Action:

NY Guardians over DC Defenders (ABC-TV)

SEA Dragons over TB Vipers (FOX Sports)

Sunday’s Action:

DAL Renegades over LA Wildcats (ABC-TV)

HOU Roughnecks over STL Battlehawks (FOX Sports 1)


there you have it, the XFL weekly picks is now up and will be all season long!!