My 2013 week 5 NFL picks

well another week is upon us, but before i get to my week 5 picks. I would like to say this about the Josh freeman situation. We all know Greg schiano didn’t want Freeman as his starting quarterback. Now he trying to smear him as an alleged drug user. Bad power play by Schiano and the buccaneers organization. Last week i went 9-7 in week 4 NFL action, and for the season im 37-27 after 64 NFL games. Now for my week 5 picks:

Thursday Night game:

Browns over Bills

Early Sunday:

Patriots over Bengals
Giants over Eagles
Chiefs over Titans
Rams over Jaguars
Dolphins over Ravens
Packers over Lions
Seahawks over Colts
Saints over Bears

Late sunday:

Cardinals over Panthers
Broncos over Cowboys

Sunday Night:

49ers over Texans
Chargers over raiders

Monday Night:

Falcons over Jets

There you have it my week 5 NFL picks, i will be back next week

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