My 2013 week 7 NFL picks

another week of the NFL is here, im so glad. So josh freeman is going to get a chance to start for the Vikings on Monday night football vs. the Giants. This is one game i am looking forward to. Also Jim irsay (owner of the Indy Colts) has made some poor-ill comments about Peyton manning. My question is why stir the pot Jim?? last week i went 10-5, a great week for week 6. For the season im 54-37 after 91 games being played in this 2013 NFL season. Here is my week 7 picks:

Thursday Night Game:

seahawks over cardinals

Early Sunday:

Falcons over buccaneers
Lions over Bengals
Eagles over Cowboys
Panthers over Rams
Patriots over jets
Dolphins over Bills
Chargers over Jaguars
Bears over redskins

Late Sunday:

49ers over titans
Packers over browns
Ravens over steelers
Chiefs over texans

Sunday Night:

Broncos over Colts (take that Jim Irsay)

Monday Night:

Giants over vikings

there you have it my week 7 picks, and we are now on tumblr as well on twitter: @chriswoodsports

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