My 2013 week 8 NFL picks

Another week has come and go, and it was an interesting week of NFL football. Josh freeman made his debut for the Vikings, and was terrible vs. Giants. The Browns are changing quarterbacks once again, in going with Jason Campbell. The Browns are looking at Next Year at this point, or are they? Well i went 8-7 in week 7, a lot of close games kind of did me in. This season i’m 62-44 after 106 games so far, and that is a lot of games. So here is my week 8 picks.

Thursday Night game:

Panthers over Buccaneers

Early Sunday:

Cowboys over Lions
49ers over jaguars
Giants over eagles
Chiefs over Browns
Patriots over dolphins
Saints over Bills

Late Sunday:

Jets over Bengals
Steelers over Raiders
Falcons over Cardinals
Broncos over redskins

Sunday Night Game:

Packers over Vikings

Monday Night game:

Seahawks over Rams

There you have it my week 8 picks, so let me know what ya’ll think. I will return next week with more picks

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