My 2014 NBA Finals Preview

another playoff round is in the books, and we saw 2 teams that were a shell of themselves. Both Indiana Pacers and the Oklahoma City Thunder made it interesting for a while. In the end, its the Spurs and the Heat. For the Miami Heat they need LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and maybe Chris Bosh (when he’s shooting 3’s) to come up big in this series. There bench is still goo enough to match the Spurs bench. For san antonio, Tim duncan is turning back the clock (as in 1999) when he beat the NY knicks in the Finals in 1999. The spurs is now tony parker’s team (besides he’s the future) and the only way the Spurs will win the championship if both Parker and Duncan can attack the post defense of the Miami heat.

So here is my pick: Miami will three-peat by beating the Spurs in 7 games.

Coming up this week, my stanley cup Finals preview will happen before this coming wednesday.

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