Alex Rodriguez is back, folks!!!

Alex Rodriguez is back, folks!!!

Well i knew this was coming another bombshell from A-rod. Rodriguez went on Mike Francessa show on WFAN radio and said that he confess about using PED’s and steroids??? I am not surprise by this at all. I just knew that he had done something crazy out of this. By the way, he admitted in January of this year, why? So that he could not go to jail, even though he deserves it. I still cannot believe that the Yankees will take this guy on. I know they owe him 61 million. Just give him a check of that amount and be done with it. I can’t believe that one year suspension went by that quick. Also too he peed at his cousin’s house to keep him quiet about this admission? Its almost is like we never missed a beat. If he comes back to the Yankees i am done with them


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