my 2014 NFL week 11 picks

my 2014 NFL week 11 picks

well my picks has been good lately, and a lot of NFL headlines have been breaking left and right here. Do you think both Ray rice and Adrian peterson return this season? I think not and too much time has pass them by. I would wait for 2015 and they will have new homes. In week 10 i went 8-5 and for the season im 88-57-1. so lets get started with the week 11 picks, as the playoff stretch comes alive.

thursday night:

Dolphins over Bills

Early Sunday:

Falcons over Panthers
Chiefs over seahawks
Vikings over Bears
Browns over Texans
Giants over 49ers
Broncos over Rams
Saints over Bengals
Redskins over Buccaneers

Late sunday:

Chargers over Raiders
Cardinals over Lions
Packers over Eagles

Sunday Night:

Patriots over Colts

Monday Night:

Steelers over Titans

there you have it my week 11 picks, so ya’ll have a good one!!!!

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