2014 NFL week 12 picks

2014 NFL week 12 picks

well its been a crazy week in the nfl with the whole Adrian Peterson case. First he’s suspended (for now) for the rest of this season. Then he can’t come back til April of 2015. Also he’s appeal for to get off the commissioner’s list was denied. Now there’s a report of a hearing on December 2 for Peterson. So this story has become a circus, but we will keep u posted on this matter. Last week I went 8-6 in week 11, and for the season im 96-63-1. So I have a good shot at getting 100 wins for the 4th straight season doing picks. So here is my week 12 picks:

Thursday night:

Chiefs over Raiders

Early Sunday:

Bills over Jets

Browns over Falcons

Buccaneers over Bears

Bengals over Texans

Colts over Jaguars

Packers over Vikings

Patriots over Lions

Eagles over titans

Late sunday:

Chargers over Rams

Seahawks over Cardinals

Broncos over Dolphins

49ers over Redskins

Sunday Night:

Giants over Cowboys

Monday Night:

Ravens over saints

There you have it my week 12 picks, as the playoff chase will get started next week. Also to it will be a short week so I will have the picks before wednesday


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