My 2014 week 17 NFL picks

My 2014 week 17 NFL picks

yes it is finally here the regular season finale is this weekend. Thank goodness for that, cause i am ready for the postseason to get here. There are 2 more playoff spots that need to be clinched, first. The NFC south division winner will have an under .500 (win percentage) record between Carolina and Atlanta, and they play each other this weekend. The AFC stil needs a 2nd wild card and a winner from the AFC north division. The Steelers and teh Bengals will play each other on Sunday Night on NBC. Speaking of NBC i thought they made a bad choice on the game they were seeking, but they were kind of limited in there choosing. With many head coaches on the hot seat, i say it will be less then 6 coaches that may be out of a job come Monday. In week 16 i went 10-6 with some surprises that i did not see coming. For the season im 154-84-1 and its been a great year so far. I want to get to the 160 win total for the 4th year in a row doing these NFL picks. So here are the week 17 picks:

Early Sunday:

Ravens over Browns

Texans over Jaguars

Chargers over Chiefs

Giants over Eagles

Jets over Dolphins

Vikings over Bears

Patriots over Bills

Saints over Buccaneers

Cowboys over Redskins

Colts over Titans

Late Sunday:

Panthers over Falcons

Broncos over Raiders

Packers over Lions

Seahawks over Rams

Cardinals over 49ers

Sunday Night:

Steelers over Bengals


there you have it another season of regular NFL picks, i will catch you for the playoffs. Look for my college football playoff picks next week. Happy New year to you!!

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