My Conference Title Game Picks

My Conference Title Game Picks

First some notes from the National football League. The Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, and Chicago Bears have new coaches (Jack Del Rio, Todd Bowles, and John Fox). The San francisco 49ers found Jim Harbaugh’s replacement in Jim Tomsula? Who is that, i have no clue!!  They are still some teams (Denver, Atlanta, naming a few) without a coach for now. They are constant reports on certain candidates that are rumored for the following jobs. Indianapolis Colts LB Josh McNary is now on the commisioner’s list, for pending rape charges. Now for the Conference titles preview and picks:

AFC Championship Pick: Patriots over Colts

I think this could be the last opportunity for the New england Patriots to win a championship. Tom Brady is getting older, and we don’t know how many more chances he will get. The Patriots are really good, since there September swoon when they were 2-2. Its been a great year for New england. The Indianapolis Colts have won 2 playoff games in a row here. Andrew Luck has had a great postseason, but is turnover phone. I really believe his turnovers is going to cost the Colts a shot at the lombardi trophy. There running game is still not that great, but will need it at somepoint to hold off Tom Brady from getting on the field.

NFC Championship Pick: Seahawks over Packers

The Green bay packers really got lucky in beating the Dallas Cowboys. The Dez bryant catch (or non-catch pending on what ya’ll think) didn’t really show any clear-cut evidence on whether it was a catch or not. However the Cowboys had they chances and didn’t take advantage of them. The Packers have a terrific team but is no match for the Seahawks and the 12th man. Aaron Rodgers is not healthy and he knows it. The Seahawks all they have to do is gear up the running game with Marshawn Lynch. Then let russell wilson do his thing running and passing. The Seahawks are going to have to pay some big bucks to keep Wilson very soon.


There you have it my conference title picks are in, and my super bowl preview will be in less than 2 weeks. So keep it locked here, spread the word about Chris Wood Sports


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