Vegas and Quebec City frontrunners to get NHL teams??

Vegas and Quebec City frontrunners to get NHL teams??

Well Hockey fans, it won’t be long before the NHL announces that 2 possible expansions teams coming into the fold. I hope Quebec City gets a team, hopefully the fans and management learned its lesson from the 1990’s? The Las Vegas one is very interesting, cause it would be the 1st real professional sports team in its history (besides the minor league teams in the past). Back to the Quebec team, it would be a great rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens, even though it was previously one sided for most of the 1980’s and 1990’s. They need to have a great arena plan, and will need a better fan support. Putting all there eggs in one basket (Eric Lindros saga) backfired on them in the worst way. Trading proven players that really could have helped the Nordiques survived today, proved costly. In the end, the Nordiques wanted a new arena and better ownership. They got neither and they moved to Denver where they were a better franchise. If Quebec gets a team the will have to get off to a good start or it will be a short stay in the NHL.

Hockey in Las Vegas? I am all for it as long as the team is good right off the bat. These days expansion is long and far in between these days. The NHL is a league that is still trying to be among the elite in the food chain of sports. I hope Vegas gets a team, because I would need a better reason to go to the West Coast other than going to California (for other sporting events). Besides I think the NHL could really benefit from being the 1st Pro Sports league to make its mark in Las Vegas. They will have to get lucky in the Expansion draft whenever it is. So I say good luck to both cities as they recently made it to the 2nd phase of the Expansion process. Also at the same time, they must not lose focus on maintaining momentum on getting a team by 2017.

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