2015 NFL week 5 picks

2015 NFL week 5 picks

How bout this football fans another week of NFL picks is coming soon after a few notes from around the league. The Monday Night game (Lions vs. Seahawks) ended in controversy over the Calvin Johnson fumble in the end zone. Let’s face it, the on-field officials got it wrong any way you put it. Now the Detroit Lions are 0-4, and just about done for 2015. The NFL could have as many as 2 teams in Los Angeles next year. As the Chargers, Raiders, and Rams are the prime candidates to move into Los Angeles (That is if they can’t find a way to get new stadiums in there current cities). Also the NFL is going to continue the International series till 2025, aint that exciting? Joe Philbin is no longer in charge in Miami, as this was coming from a mile away. So in week 4 I went 10-5, and so for the season im 42-21. Now the week 5 picks:

Thursday Night:

Colts over Texans

Early Sunday:

Jaguars over Buccaneers
Bengals over Seahawks
Titans over Bills
Bears over Chiefs
Falcons over Redskins
Saints over Eagles
Packers over Rams
Ravens over Browns

Late Sunday:

Cardinals over Lions
Broncos over Raiders
Patriots over Cowboys

Sunday Night:

Giants over 49ers

Monday Night:

Steelers over Chargers

There you have it my week 5 picks are out, and so is this post.


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