2015 NFL Week 6 Picks

2015 NFL Week 6 Picks

Football fans another week of picks is coming soon. First some thoughts from the NFL, like a QB change in Dallas. Brandon Weeden is no longer the starter, as Matt Cassel takes over til Tony Romo gets back. My NY Giants is in 1st place, who knew that was gonna happen? I did not see it coming at all, but that is why they play the games. Chip Kelly and John Harbaugh are among the rumors to possibly take over the head coach gig at USC (southern California). I don’t see either one taking that position. Now on to the picks as last week i kept my 10 win weekly average intact here. In week 5 i was 10-4, and for the season im 52-25. Here are the picks:

Thursday Night:

Falcons over Saints

Early Sunday:

Bengals over Bills
Texans over Jaguars
Bears over Lions
Broncos over Browns
Vikings over Chiefs
Jets over Redskins
Cardinals over Steelers
Titans over Dolphins

Late Sunday:

Seahawks over Panthers
Packers over Chargers
Ravens over 49ers

Sunday night:

Patriots over Colts

Monday Night:

Giants over Eagles

There you have it my week 6 picks are in. Coming up soon more Baseball playoff picks and the long awaited NBA Season Preview as it hoops time!!!!

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