MLB Postseason Picks: League Championship Series

MLB Postseason Picks: League Championship Series

Well another round of the MLB playoffs has arrived. This time its the League Championship Series. It was a fantastic Division Series, all of them were great and for once no sweeps. Now time for thoughts and picks:

American League:

Toronto vs Kansas City

I do not know who to pick because both teams has been outstanding all season long. The Royals are trying to get back to the world series. I think they will have a tough challenge from the Blue Jays. There Offense has been great as they have cruised through the playoffs so far with players like Bautisa and Tulowitzky. The royals has players that went through it last season. This should be a good series. My Pick: Toronto in 7games

National League:

New York Mets vs Chicago Cubs

This is the kind of playoff series that should be one for the ages. The Chicago Cubs have made a postseason run that will be talked about for a long time. The Cubs beat the heavy favored St. Louis Cardinals in unique fashion. Now comes the New York Mets who just went through a long 5 game series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Mets has passed there test, and now perhaps the best playoff series in decades? We will see and that is why they play the games. So in this one here is my pick: New York Mets in 7 games.

Sorry Cubs fans maybe next year!!!!


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