2015 NFL week 9 picks

2015 NFL week 9 picks

An another week of NFL action was amazing, not so for my picks last week. Did you hear Ken Whisenhunt gets fired as Titans coach? I am not shocked by that, especially going 3-20 in just 23 games. Less than 2 seasons if you are scoring at home. The Jets got banged up at the Quarterback position, both Ryan Ftizpatrick and Geno Smith (made season debut in 2015) injured vs Oakland Raiders. Both are day to day and they need a quarterback soon. The Dallas Cowboys are falling out of contention, if they don’t start winning (Tony Romo please get back healthy, please). In week 8 I went 7-7, and for the season im 76-43 which is still good. I still hope to get to 100 wins before Thanksgiving. Here is my week 9 picks:

Thursday Night:

Bengals over Browns

Early Sunday:

Packers over Panthers
Saints over titans
Patriots over Redskins
Bills over Dolphins
Vikings over Rams
Jets over Jaguars
Steelers over Raiders

Late sunday:

Giants over Buccaneers
Falcons over 49ers
Broncos over Colts

Sunday Night:

Cowboys over Eagles

Monday night:

Chargers over Bears

There you have it my week 9 picks are up, and that is it for me.


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