2015 week 10 NFL picks

2015 week 10 NFL picks

its time to re-assess this football season, as the halfway point has reached. A lot of news to get to, especially with this latest word from Indianapolis. QB Andrew Luck is now out for at least a couple of weeks (maybe more?) with kidney problems. This could impact to the AFC South division playoff race. Now suddenly its anybody’s division, but they will have to start winning in a hurry. I am talking about the Titans, Texans, and Jaguars, yes all of them have a shot. However the fallout from the Greg Hardy situation continues to rear its ugly head. So here is my picks and record update. In week 9 i went 7-6 as my struggles continue back to back weeks. On the season im 83-49, still trying to reach the 100 win mark before December arrives. Now for the week 10 picks:

Thursday Night:

Jets over Bills

Early Sunday:

Packers over Lions
Cowboys over Buccaneers
Panthers over Titans
Rams over Bears
Saints over Redskins
Eagles over Dolphins
Steelers over Browns
Ravens over Jaguars

Late sunday:

Raiders over Vikings
Giants over Patriots
Broncos over Chiefs

Sunday Night:

Seahawks over Cardinals

Monday Night:

Bengals over Texans

There you have it my week 10 picks are in, and there is more to come later this season.

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