2015 Week 11 NFL Picks

2015 Week 11 NFL Picks

What a forgettable week for my NFL picks, more on that saga in a moment. There has been a lot of NFL news breaking left and right, and that is just this week alone. Tony Romo is finally back for the Cowboys, but is it too late? Lets see how the REST of the Cowboys season goes from here. QB Brandon Weeden was finally released from the Dallas Cowboys, I believe this move should have been made a lot earlier. The end is near for Peyton Manning in Denver, as Brock Osweiler will take over and start for the 1st time in his career. The St. Louis Rams is benching Nick Foles for Case Keenum? I am not sure what is going on with the Rams, I wondered about this move? Benching him after 1 bad game, or is there something else going on we don’t know about. Now for my dreadful picks record, this is far my worst outing of all time. In week 10, I went 2-12 (yes I have reached the low point of picking games), for the season im 85-61. If I am going to get to 100 wins before December I will have to get it going this week. Now for my week 11 picks:

Thursday night:

Jaguars over Titans

Early Sunday:

Broncos over Bears
Falcons over Colts
Jets over Texans
Raiders over Lions
Eagles over Buccaneers
Panthers over Redskins
Rams over Ravens
Cowboys over Dolphins

Late Sunday:

Chiefs over Chargers
Vikings over Packers
Seahawks over 49ers

Sunday Night:

Cardinals over Bengals

Monday Night:

Patriots over Bills

There you have it my week 11 picks are now up, and lets get it started!!

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