2015 NFL week 13 Picks

2015 NFL week 13 Picks

Here we go with another week of NFL action, with news you can use for the upcoming week. Playoff spots and positions are still up for grabs, or in the case of the NFC East and AFC south were a possible losing record could actually win you the division. However i think in the world of the NFL, it will all play out as we head into the December stretch. The question will be asked, who’s in and who’s out? The Answers will come later on this season. The Cleveland Browns have the worst luck as any sports team in North America. They have more losses at the end of the game than probably anybody else in the major pro sports. I actually feel sorry for them, however that is why the games are played. I really don’t know who is going to play quarterback for the Browns, now that Josh mcCown is now out the rest of the season. In week 12 i went 9-7 and for the season i am 102-74. Yes i did get it done on the picks with 100 wins before December. Now for the week 13 picks:

Thursday night:

Packers over Lions

Early sunday:

Giants over Jets
Cardinals over Rams
Falcons over Buccaneers
Seahawks over vikings
Bears over 49ers
Jaguars over titans
Texans over Bills
Dolphins over Ravens
Bengals over browns

Eagles over Patriots

Late sunday:

Chiefs over raiders
Broncos over Chargers
Panthers over Saints

Sunday night:

Steelers over Colts

Monday night:

Redskins over cowboys

There you have it my picks are in now we can go home!!


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