2015 NFL week 15 NFL Picks

2015 NFL week 15 NFL Picks

Well its now the home stretch as the holidays arrive in style! I for one will be glad for it to come and go, once this weekend goes off with out a hitch (hopefully). I want to send congratulations to the following teams that have clinch playoff spots. Those teams are: Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, and even The Seattle Seahawks in the NFC. As for the AFC: only 2 so far (New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals) but more is expected this weekend? The Houston Texans who i didn’t have making the playoffs at all, is leading (currently) the AFC south division at the moment. This would be a shocker to this season’s playoffs.Biggest story from this week is the situation with Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman battle. Josh Norman (who should has gotten suspended himself) did get fined recently for his part. As for Odell Beckham Jr. he did get suspended 1 game (although has filed an appeal, and even will get a quick hearing soon). Wait a second, if Beckham Jr. gets a quick hearing, why Jim Scheonfeld (back in 1988) could not get one back then? Did we see the final games ever in St. Louis and San Diego? Oakland its there turn this week!! We will keep up to date on the possible relocation situations. Well its time to get you up to date on my picks. In week 15 I went 10-6, and for the season I’m 134-90. I still really need a good week if I am going to make my goal of winning 150 wins on my picks. Now time for my week 16 picks:

Thursday Night:

Chargers over Raiders

Saturday Night:

Redskins over Eagles

Early Sunday:

Panthers over Falcons
Steelers over Ravens
Colts over Dolphins
Bills over Cowboys
Lions over 49ers
Patriots over Jets
Buccaneers over Bears
Texans over Titans
Chiefs over Browns

Late Sunday:

Jaguars over Saints
Packers over Cardinals
Seahawks over Rams

Sunday Night:

Giants over Vikings

Monday Night:

Broncos over Bengals

Merry Christmas and happy holiday 2 u, I will be back next week with the season finale of the regular season picks. I will have to get them in before the college playoff games take place. Look for my preview after the weekend with the National semifinal playoff.


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