My picks for 2015 year in review (in Sports)

My picks for 2015 year in review (in Sports)

What a year in sports, and there was enough headlines to make it memorable. I think it was a great year in sports. Now for the 1st time on my sports blog I came up with the best mock headlines from this year. In hopes of starting a new tradition, lets see how this turns out. So without any further delay lets get started:

* New England Patriots win super Bowl 49 over the Seahawks, in spite of almost losing it

* Potential talks of the NFL going to Los Angeles heating up, with 3 teams (Raiders, Rams, and Chargers)

* The NFL Draft took place in Chicago, not New York for once

* The NFL tries to suspend Tom Brady for his (supposedly) role in Deflategate, But Brady Appeals and wins

* Johnny Manziel has had one heck of a 2015, from rehab to continue problems with the Browns

* LeBron James resurrects the Cleveland Cavaliers, and leads them to the NBA Finals

* The Golden State Warriors wins the NBA Championship after a 40 year drought

* Billy Donovan becomes the latest coach to jump into NBA from college (Oklahoma City Thunder)

* Chicago Blackhawks win another Stanley Cup, despite a bad off season looming

* John Tortorella returns to coaching in the NHL with Columbus Blue Jackets, after a 2 year absence

* Potential NHL expansion on the Horizon with Quebec City and Las Vegas??

* The Kansas City Royals beat the NY Mets to win the World series, after a 30 year wait!!

* The Houston Astros and the Chicago Cubs revive there franchises with great seasons for a playoff run

* Alex Rodriguez has a great season, not enough for the Yanks fading down the stretch!!

* Ronda Rousey suffers her 1st loss ever to Holly Holm, wants rematch??

* Chip Kelly finally gets fired by the Eagles after a horrible season

there u have it, have a great 2016!!!


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