My NFL Regular Season Finale Picks for the 2015 season (week 17)

My NFL Regular Season Finale Picks for the 2015 season (week 17)

This NFL season has truly been one of the best in years. Teams left and right having good seasons from all divisions, except for a couple in the AFC South and NFC East. At one point there were 5 teams that went undefeated around late October. All have lost at some point with the latest from the Carolina Panthers. Before I get to the picks, I have to get to a few notes from around the league. Chip Kelly no longer coaches the Philadelphia Eagles, even though he went 26-21 with one division title. Johnny Manziel continues to be a troublemaker, with another video that has surfaced. Also he got con-cuss vs. the Kansas City Chiefs, and didn’t know it. The futures for the Chargers, Raiders, and Rams will be decided soon as there cities are trying for one last effort to hang on to them. I give them a punchers chance as the battle for Los Angeles (or elsewhere) continues into the off season. This is the week for which coaches are either safe, or on the hot seat? The playoff picture is just about complete; with a couple of spots remain in the AFC. The Indianapolis Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers are barely alive for now. It should settle by mid afternoon in both the AFC South and the other wild card spots. The NFC is done, but the seeding is still to be determined. Here is now the update on my picks, as I am still in pursuit of 150 wins. I went 7-9 in week 16, and for the season I am 141-99. It looks like I could reach 100 losses for the 1st time ever, and could get 150 wins in the same season. Here is my week 17 picks:

Early Sunday:

Patriots over Dolphins
Jets over Bills
Bengals over Ravens
Steelers over Browns
Texans over Jaguars
Colts over Titans
Giants over Eagles
Lions over Bears
Falcons over Saints
Redskins over Cowboys

Late Sunday:

49ers over Rams
Chiefs over Raiders
Panthers over Buccaneers
Cardinals over Seahawks
Broncos over Chargers

Sunday Night:

Packers over Vikings

There you have it my NFL picks are in and that will do it for the regular season. We will see you in the playoffs!!

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