My National Championship Playoff Preview + Pick

My National Championship Playoff Preview + Pick

Well that was a good playoff round, so its now time to end it all right here (on the field). Alabama Crimson Tide vs the Clemson Tigers is the teams to be playing for that coveted gold trophy. First for the Clemson Tigers, while i admit they have had a great year (have not lost yet). I was going through highlights and there schedule, it seems to me like not much competition from the ACC and other teams. Even in the playoff game, i thought Oklahoma was going to upset them. However clemson pulled it out with the outstanding play of their Heisman runner up QB DeShaun Watson. Head Coach Dabo Swinney who has been at Clemson for a long time, and has a chance to do something that has not been done since the early 1980’s. Winning a national Championship, except this would be there best ever. However the mighty Crimson Tide of Alabama is in the way. Speaking of Alabama they are coming off a great Cotton Bowl win vs Michigan State. It was no contest at all here, as the Tide has its way with the Spartans. Honestly its too one side to even discuss it. The Tide was rolling with guys like Jacob Coker, Kenyan Drake, and Heisman trophy winner Derrick Henry. The Defense of the Tide (may be the best in a long time) will need to have there way with DeShaun Watson in order to get a national championship for the 1st time since 2012. I believe Alabama will be able to contain Clemson. However if they get into a scoring shootout with Clemson, they will need to have there ducks in a row. It wont be easy for the Tide, however plan yourself a long game as there will be a lot of scoring in this contest. My pick: Alabama barely edging out Clemson win there 16th national championship. Think about the shirts now: 16 championships in 16′ (just an idea)

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