The 10 teams to make the 2016 MLB Playoffs

The 10 teams to make the 2016 MLB Playoffs

well baseball season is just around the corner, and its time to just about get the predictions going for the upcoming season. So i will start a new tradition in not just baseball, but in all the 4 major pro sports (NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB). So after watching a handful of spring training games, i have seen some ups and downs. By the make of this past off season, i was surprised at the makeup of teams that cashed in on there free agents. There are some teams that did not do as much, and felt that saving money was better for them. Now i give you the 10 teams (5 in each league) that will make the playoffs:

American League:

Division winners (East, Central, and West)
NY Yankees
Kansas City
LA Angels

Wild card:

National League:

Division Winners (east,central, and west)
Chicago Cubs
San Francisco

Wild Card:
St. Louis

There you have it, i will have the full baseball preview later this coming week, but in my baseball blog: Chris Wood Baseball ( Don’t forget my playoff previews (in NHL and NBA) will be coming soon as there regular season is wrapping up.


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