My Stanley Cup Playoff preview + picks

My Stanley Cup Playoff preview + picks

Well hockey fans its playoff time! I for one am glad it’s here and that regular season could not end any sooner. The second season has arrived with a surprise. No Canadian teams in this postseason for the 1st time since 1972. We are not making it up, and it’s really interesting that not one from the Canadian border made it. You can bet that Canada is hopping mad today. But hey you still have hope for the Raptors basketball and Blue Jays baseball. Oh did we mention the CFL at all here? We are sorry to hear about the passing of Ed Snider (founder and owner) of the Philadelphia Flyers. 2 year battle with cancer is the reason we had not heard much from him. Snider will be sorely missed in the Philly community. As well as the entire hockey world from everywhere. Now it’s time for the postseason picks.

Eastern Conference

Washington over Philadelphia 7 games
N.Y. Rangers over Pittsburgh 6 games
Florida over N.Y. Islanders 7 games
Tampa Bay over Detroit 5 games

Western conference

Los Angeles over San Jose 6 games
Anaheim over Nashville 5 games
Chicago over St. Louis 7 games
Dallas over Minnesota 6 games

There you have it hockey fans and let’s drop the puck already on this postseason. I will be back for 2nd round previews in the coming weeks.


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