2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conference Finals Preview

2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conference Finals Preview

its been a great playoffs so far, but the best is yet to come with both of there series. so without further ado lets get started:

Eastern Conference Tampa Bay lightning vs Pittsburgh Penguins:

I believe the Lightning has had there hands full of injuries to key players like Stamkos, Strajman, and now Bishop (who is expected back later in this series). However the Lighning have better depth than the Penguins. Don’t count out the Penguins they have been playing well with Malkin and Crosby. Murray the goaltender has been a pleasant surprise for the Penguins. Ever wonder if Fleury is going to comeback at here? We will have to see as i predict the Lightning to win in 6 games

Western Conference San Jose Sharks vs St. Louis Blues:

Well just as you thought the Sharks have finally gotten over there playoff ills, they are back again. This i think is a grand opportunity for both the Sharks and the Blues to get to the stanley cup finals. The Blues have not been since 1970 and that is a long time. Meanwhile the Sharks have had 2 chances to reach a stanley cup final and have not. I dont know who to pick here. I say this series is going 7 games regardless. I have to pick the Sharks besides the bay area needs to experience a stanley cup final atmosphere for once.

Will be back for the Stanley Cup final soon!!

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