2016 NFL Preview and Picks

2016 NFL Preview and Picks

Well another NFL Football season will arrive in days. This offseason was the most interesting in years. Storylines was at a premium all over the league. From the Denver Broncos winning the latest super bowl to a preseason that was so pointless. I have a few thoughts before we get to the picks for this 2016 season. Sam Bradford getting traded was long overdue, and sad to me. It is like Bradford cannot catch a break, also he didn’t want to be in Philadelphia anyway. I still cannot believe Teddy Bridgewater is out for the season, and possible into 2017. I feel for Vikings fans everywhere but they still have a fantastic team. Tom Brady gets suspended finally, patriots fans should not worry there team will be fine. The Ryan Fitzpatrick saga dragged through the entire offseason like a bad soap opera on television. Mark Sanchez could not beat out 2 young quarterbacks in Denver. So he is with the Dallas Cowboys now, and yes there season is already over. Tony Romo got hurt again for the 4th time in 3 years. Colin Kaepernick made headlines by not standing for the national anthem? Yes football fans that really happened, and the story has not died down yet. Now for my division by division picks for 2016.


American Conference


New England, N.Y. Jets, Miami, Buffalo


Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Cleveland


Indianapolis, Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee


Oakland, Kansas City, Denver, San Diego

National Conference


N.Y. Giants, Washington, Dallas, Philadelphia


Green Bay, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit


Carolina, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Atlanta


Arizona, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco


there you have it my division picks, and look out for my week 1 picks coming soon.


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