2016 NFL Week 1 picks

2016 NFL Week 1 picks

Well football fans another season of my picks (in its 4th season) is going to get started in just a moment after a few notes. Anybody out there think the Cleveland Browns are going to be 0-16? It could happen but I do not want to see that at all. I can’t wait for the Vikings new stadium to open which will start soon. The Broncos had one heck of an offseason for the ages. They got Peyton Manning to retire, and then handled the quarterback position so badly. I predict a bad season coming for the defending champs. So let’s get this season started for the picks for week 1:


Thursday Night:

Panthers over Broncos

Early Sunday:

Packers over Jaguars

Ravens over Bills

Texans over Bears

Eagles over Browns

Buccaneers over Falcons

Vikings over Titans

Bengals over Jets

Raiders over Saints

Chiefs over Chargers

Late Sunday:

Seahawks over Dolphins

Colts over Lions

Giants over Cowboys

Sunday Night Game:

Cardinal over Patriots

Monday Night Game:

Steelers over Redskins

49ers over Rams


There you have it my opening season picks are now in, and we will have plenty football coming up. Now time to watch the games.

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