2016 week 2 NFL picks

2016 week 2 NFL picks

What an outstanding opening week of regular season action all around the league. There were a lot of meaningful games that can make or break your season. Now time to get the weekly notes out of the way before I get to my picks. Robert Griffin III (RG3) gets hurts in the Browns game vs the Eagles and is out for at least half the season with no guarantee on whether or not he will start again at all. Minnesota Vikings have no clue who there starting quarterback is going to be (Shaun Hill or Sam Bradford)? I would not start either of them, just my preference. The Los Angeles Rams are a laughingstock and a national nightmare. There debut back as the LA Rams was a smashing debut, for the wrong reasons. It is time to start the Jared Goff era sooner rather than later. The game with the 49ers was an absolute joke and even more unwatchable than a WNBA game. Then it gets better, now there are media reports that HC Jeff Fisher (who has had only 6 winning season in 20+ years as an NFL Head Coach) is going to receive an contract extension, for what? I just don’t believe in anything anymore in sports, you would think that you have seen it all. Now for my awaited weekly picks, in the opening week I went 13-3 with some lucky bounces I might add. Now time for my week 2 picks:


Thursday Night football

Jets over Bills

Early Sunday:

Ravens over Browns

Lions over Titans

Patriots over Dolphins

Giants over Saints

Steelers over Bengals

Redskins over Cowboys

Panthers over 49ers

Chiefs over Texans

Late Sunday:

Seahawks over Rams

Cardinals over Buccaneers

Broncos over Colts

Raiders over Falcons

Jaguars over Chargers

Sunday Night Football

Packers over Vikings

Monday Night Football

Eagles over Bears


There you have it my picks are up and will be back next week with more. Now let’s watch some football


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