2016 week 3 NFL picks

2016 week 3 NFL picks

Well football fans another week of NFL action is upon us. However there are plenty of notes from around the league, so let’s get to a select few. The Minnesota Vikings are without RB Adrian Peterson for the remainder of this season, I feel bad for the Vikings. However they will still compete in the NFC North division as the season rolls on. They have a fantastic new stadium so I am giving them props. The Cleveland Browns are the misfortunes of a team that continue to go down on a weekly basis. Quarterbacks are not lasting long and they need some good news, but not now as the injuries and losses mount. The Jay Cutler injury doesn’t surprise no one as he is out for 3 weeks. I think he is finished in Chicago unless he turns things I and fast. The New England Patriots will start another quarterback as Tom Brady is still serving a suspension which is half over. Jacoby Brisett, we never heard of him and he is the starting quarterback for the Patriots for now. We will see how that goes as we now talk about the picks. In week 2 I went 9-7 as the bounces did not go well. For the season I am 22-10 but still doing very good so far. Now for the week 3 picks:


thursday night game

Patriots over Texans

early sunday

Cardinals over Bills

Raiders over Titans

Dolphins over Browns

Ravens over Jaguars

Packers over Lions

Broncos over Bengals

Panthers over Vikings

Giants over Redskins

Late Sunday

Buccaneers over Rams

Seahawks over 49ers

Jets over Chiefs

Colts over Chargers

Steelers over Eagles

sunday night

Cowboys over Bears

monday night

Saints over Falcons


There you have it my week 3 picks are now up. Coming up soon my MLB playoff preview and my NHL season preview. So look for that and other nuggets as well.

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