2016 Week 4 NFL picks

2016 Week 4 NFL picks

It’s another week of potentially great football action coming our way. The headlines of the NFL keep on coming left and right. Let’s get to a few notes before we get to the picks. I see Greg Hardy won’t be in the league anytime soon after his detailed affair with the drugs in his wallet. Come on now this guy just doesn’t get it. Hardy cannot afford to be in trouble if he really wants back in the NFL? JJ Watt is out for a while with on going back issues, and the Texans are not happy with that news. I guess Clowney will have to step up now, although he has really struggled since coming out of South Carolina. Now for an update on my picks as last week I went 9-7 once again but in week 3. So now my record for the season is 31-17. Trying to average at least 10 wins a week is not easy. But nonetheless it is a challenge, now time for the week 4 picks:

Thursday Night Game

Bengals over Dolphins

Sunday Morning

Colts over Jaguars

Early Sunday

Texans over Titans
Redskins over Browns
Seahawks over Jets
Patriots over Bills
Falcons over Panthers
Ravens over Raiders
Lions over Bears

Late Sunday

Broncos over Buccaneers
Cardinals over Rams
Saints over Chargers
Cowboys over 49ers

Sunday Night

Steelers over Chiefs

Monday Night

Giants over Vikings

There you have it my weekly picks are up. Coming up soon my MLB playoff preview. Also my NHL season preview as hockey season is just about here.

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