2016 NFL Week 8 picks

2016 NFL Week 8 picks

It’s almost the mid point of an NFL regular season, and plenty to talk about before I get to my picks. The ratings are down very much this season. Could it be all the fuss about select players not taking part for the national anthem. I however am not buying it, not one bit. The Broncos got some bad news in losing C.J. Anderson for a long while. While it has not been known the extent of his knee injury, his season is all but over. By the way, NFL can we please get rid of ties in the regular season. Why do we still have them, it’s no used these days. Now both the Cardinals and Seahawks cannot afford too many losses down the stretch, in order to make a run at a playoff spot. Josh Brown was finally kicked to the curb by the Giants. I have frankly nothing else to say about that sad situation. Jay Cutler gets to return to the starting lineup, but not before taking shots at John Fox. It looks like the Chicago Bears will be looking to move out from Cutler. It’s also possible that John Fox could be out as Bears Head Coach if it gets any worse. At one one time John Fox will one of the best coaches in the league, don’t know where it went wrong for him. Well now time to talk about my picks as last week there were some strange results. In week 7, I went 9-5-1 as it slightly improve. For the season I’m 66-40-1 which is still good to me. Now for the week 8 picks:

Thursday Night

Titans over Jaguars

Early Sunday morning

Bengals over Redskins

Early Sunday

Packers over Falcons
Patriots over Bills
Chiefs over Colts
Jets over Browns
Seahawks over Saints
Raiders over Buccaneers
Lions over Texans

Late Sunday

Broncos over Chargers
Cardinals over Panthers

Sunday Night

Cowboys over Eagles

Monday Night

Vikings over Bears

There you have it my weekly picks are up, and there is more to come later on this season. Enjoy the games folks!!

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