2016 NFL week 9 picks

2016 NFL week 9 picks

More NFL action coming soon but we have to talk a few notes. Another tie in the NFL happened again, its now time for the NFL to do away with ties once and for all. No i am not going Donovan McNabb on you, but its time for a new system of Overtime Football in the NFL. Its now officially mid season in the NFL and there were plenty of headlines. However the ratings continue to slide as the month of October is finally over. Norv turner is no longer the Offensive Coordinator in Minnesota, however should we be surprise at this? I do not think so, although after 2 games is quite alarming. The vikings are still good for now, but they will need to re-establish there dominance in the NFC north with the Packers behind them. Will the real Oakland Raiders please stand up, 26 penalites in there game vs Jacksonville and they still won. I am going to say it, lucky stars for the Raiders (who are my dark horse to win a super bowl). Now on the picks as i suffered a 2nd straight tie in many weeks. I went 7-5-1 in week 9, and for the season i’m 73-45-2. Now for the week 9 picks:

Thursday night

Falcons over Buccaneers

Early Sunday

Cowboys over Browns
Steelers over Ravens
Jets over Dolphins
Chiefs over Jaguars
Vikings over Lions
Giants over Eagles

Late sunday

Rams over Panthers
saints over 49ers
Packers over Colts
Titans over Chargers

Sunday night

Broncos over Raiders

Monday Night

Seahawks over Bills

There you have it and congrats to the Cubs for winning the world series

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