2016 week 10 NFL Picks

2016 week 10 NFL Picks

How about that another week of NFL Picks is coming. But first a few notes from around the league. The San diego chargers just recently learned that there stadium vote did not go well. That is a darn shame because there is now a possibility of going to Los angeles and joining the Rams in Inglewood (a town in Los Angeles)? I will keep an eye on this development, especially when they only have a short time (really January 15,2017) to make a decision on there time in San Diego. The Chargers still have a shot at a playoff berth, but they will need wins quickly as the AFC west division gets tight. The Jets are a mess with there quarterback situation, Ryan Fitzpatrick is not really good these days. The Jets season is fading quickly as they too will need wins and a whole lot of help to make the playoffs. I guess this week’s theme is which teams will make a run at the postseason. The ratings of the NFL on TV continue to take a nose dive, with no end in sight. Only 2 more months of it before we start caring about Basketball. In week 9 i went 6-6 in the latest round of picks, and for the season i am now 79-51-2. Time to get a good week going, with my week 10 picks:

Thursday Night

Ravens over Browns

Early Sunday

Jets over Rams
Chiefs over panthers
Texans over Jaguars
Falcons over Eagles
Packers over Titans
Redskins over Vikings
Buccaneers over Bears
Broncos over Saints

Late Sunday

Dolphins over Chargers
Cardinals over 49ers
Steelers over Cowboys

Sunday Night

Patriots over Seahawks

Monday Night

Giants over Bengals

OK there you have it my week 10 picks are now up. I have a new feature that i will start soon, details coming later this weekend. Have a good football winning weekend


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