2016 Week 12 NFL Picks

2016 Week 12 NFL Picks

What a week of NFL action i tell you, it was back and forth in some game. It was not a great Sunday for kickers however, a record 12 missed extra points in one day? Some kickers missed more than one, but i will have to look at the highlights. Here are some league notes that may interests you as we head into week 12. Jay Cutler may have threw his last pass for the Chicago Bears, if the off season goes as plan from the management side. They are head coaches that might be on the hot seat as the season is about 3/4th’s through. We will have to see what the deal is on that notion. So once again it’s time for the best football to be played. In week 11 I went 8-6 and for the season, my record is now 96-62-2. Getting close to the century mark in wins. Now for the picks of week 12:

Thanksgiving Thursday

Lions over Vikings
Cowboys over Redskins
Steelers over Colts

Early Sunday

Giants over Browns
Ravens over Bengals
Texans over Chargers
Bills over Jaguars
Falcons over Cardinals
Dolphins over 49ers
Saints over Rams
Titans over Bears

Late Sunday

Seahawks over Buccaneers
Patriots over Jets
Raiders over Panthers

Sunday Night

Broncos over Chiefs

Monday Night

Eagles over Packers

There you have it my picks are in. Happy Thanksgiving to ya’ll

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