My Weekly Extra Point #3

Are Baseball owners going to Lock Out its players??

A critical week lies ahead for Major League Baseball, as the deadline of December 1st is a big day. A new collective bargaining agreement must be implemented by then. The players have not liked the proposals being presented so far. I think there are other issues that need to be address in this new CBA. Issues like shorter regular season, length of games, All Star Game could be adjusted, on Field rules, replay needs to be expanded, and many more. If you know baseball’s history when it comes to lockouts and strikes? It would not be a surprise if the players get locked out. From 1972 to 1994, MLB experience plenty of labor problems which have led to new rules being instituted every time. Its pretty remarkable that baseball has gone over 20 years of labor peace. It could be all for not if by the end of this week, if no agreement can be reached. Baseball has had long labor strife before; hopefully they can find some common ground soon. It won’t be a factor unless it gets to spring training, and maybe the regular season. By then it should be a concern, so lets see how this labor war plays out.


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