My Weekly Extra Point #4

NFL to consider limiting or scraping Thursday Night Football

I would love to see Thursday night Football be limited to less than 10 games during the season. At first, I liked it so that I can start my week earlier on my weekly picks. Besides, we really don’t get the good match-ups at all here. On average we would probably get a minimum of 2 good games a year. Even John Madden doesn’t like Thursday Night Football, speaking on a Podcast from the Bay Area (San Francisco, CA). I do agree with him to a certain extent, but clearly could have offered some solutions. I keep hearing reports about player safety should be considered. It’s true due to players that need more recovery time. Most players need about 5 days to recover from the week’s earlier games. By the way, it may take a while before a decision could be made, as the networks (like CBS, NBC, NFL Network, etc.) are under contract till 2018. In 2016, the NFL has just about half the league over .500 (percentage) winning record, which has contributed to the horrible ratings this year. The Dallas-Minnesota game was a great one, so maybe there is some hope. The NFL clearly has to make a decision at some point, but let’s hope they do the right thing here.


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