My weekly Extra Point #5

The NBA to start there regular season in early October, next season

I am in favor for this, only because it will give us (the normal sports fan) something else to watch other than the World series or even the NHL. The 2017-2018 regular season will be a historic one, as it will be the earliest the NBA season will start. Which means the pre season will start in October, and training camp will be in late September? This is designed to reduce the back to back games, and possible cancelled games that occur in the winter time. Only to be rescheduled for later in the season, to accommodate the NBA teams. This is great for the players, who have often complained of the back to back schedules they have to endure. I wish they would change the playoff schedule, like have it start in early May. But end around late June in time for the NBA draft, and push back the start of free agency. I expect the NBA to cash in on this latest move, and it should work out for all involved. I can’t wait for it, NBA basketball in October think about the possibilities. This is also give more teams to recover from games played, and increase there chances for a possible NBA Championship one day. So NBA fans, let’s enjoy this season while we can, because next season should be interesting to watch.


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