2016 Week 15 NFL Picks

2016 Week 15 NFL Picks

How about this NFL Season so far, it has been a dandy. Teams all over the league are making news left and right on here. The Los Angeles Rams shock the sporting world by firing Jeff Fisher (who is tied for the most losses all time as an NFL Head Coach) after giving him a 2 year extension. I really liked Jeff Fisher this entire time, but it seems like the Rams fans were not happy with the way this season has gone. Most of Fisher’s seasons with the Rams were finishing close to the .500 winning percentage mark. He could never deliver the Rams that playoff berth that they have been seeking since 2004. So far 4 teams have been eliminated from postseason contention. They are the Jets, 49ers, Rams, and Jaguars with more to come after this weekend’s games. I feel bad for Ryan Tannehill who got injured last week vs Cardinals. I hope he can comeback before the season ends. The Miami Dolphins will need some luck getting to the playoffs. The situation with both the Chargers and the Raiders are not looking good as far as staying in there current residence. The San Diego Chargers are reportedly ready to move to Los Angeles after the season. However Dean Spanos (principal owner of the Chargers) has not made a decision officially yet? Stay Tuned because this is clearly not over, at least till January 15. As for the Oakland Raiders its up in the air for now, but caught in a tug a war with 2 cities. Both Oakland and Las Vegas are making pitches on getting the Raiders a new stadium. They clearly need one soon, but staying in Oakland may not be in the cards. This story will only get more interesting as the season comes to an end in 3 weeks. The Raiders have got to start thinking playoffs, and put aside all the new stadium talk. Now time for the weekly picks as i continue to have a great season picking NFL Games. I went 11-5 in week 14, and for the season i’m 130-75-2. I still have a shot on getting to the 150 win mark if things go right. Now for the week 15 picks:

Thursday Night:

Seahawks over Rams

Saturday Night

Dolphins over Jets

Early Sunday

Packers over Bears
Bills over Browns
Ravens over Eagles
Steelers over Bengals
Giants over Lions
Vikings over Colts
Texans over Jaguars
Chiefs over Titans

Late Sunday

Saints over Cardinals
Falcons over 49ers
Raiders over Chargers
Patriots over Broncos

Sunday Night

Cowboys over Buccaneers

Monday Night

Redskins over Panthers

There you have it my weekly picks are now up, so its time to get into the home stretch of the regular season. Look for the best football to be played from here on out.

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