My weekly extra point #8

The Gus Bradley Era is finally over, Marrone named Interim for the Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars have not played well at all this season. They have only 2 wins on the season, as they lost there 9th consecutive game this past Sunday. They lost to the Houston Texans by 1 point (21-20), after blowing another good lead in Houston, TX. The Jacksonville Jaguars are now 2-12 in this 2016 NFL season. Gus Bradley was no longer going to be the coach of the Jaguars regardless. It had been speculated for weeks on Bradley’s status going forward. However, Bradley didn’t even win no more than, 14 games with the Jaguars. But Gus Bradley had no say on compiling the roster, so how can he succeed anyway? So I concluded that Gus Bradley had no chance, and this past Sunday he was finally fired. Now for the final 2 games will be coached by Doug Marrone, and this will not go well anyway as the Jaguars play both the Titans and Colts. When there season concludes the Jaguars will have to go back to the drawing board, and see what happens in the off season. The Jacksonville Jaguars once took the NFL by storm back in the latter 1990’s. It would be nice to get back to them at some point this century.


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