My weekly extra point #9

John Tortorella wins his 500th game as an NHL Head Coach

Tortorella is one of the most successful coaches in the National Hockey League. The former Lightning, Rangers, Canucks coach is the first American born coach ever to win 500 games. John Tortorella won a Stanley Cup back in 2004, so he knows what he is doing. Most of his players’ throughout the years really love playing for him. I still don’t like the way he was dismissed by both the Canucks and the Rangers. Tortorella throughout his years as an NHL coach provided entertaining sound bites, enough to fill an audio library. Believe me; the NHL is good with a John Tortorella coached team in the playoffs. The best part about Torts is his handling of the media. Since he took over the Columbus Blue Jackets (last season) the team is actually competitive and winning. Tortorella has a chance to do great things in Columbus that no one would believe? I cannot wait for the playoffs and see what the Blue Jackets are going to do. I say good luck to the Blue Jackets for the rest of the season, and they will need it.

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