My Divisional Playoff Picks

My Divisional Playoff Picks

How about it football fans we made it to 2017. Now we got some notes to go through before we get to the picks. The Chargers are now in Los Angeles, and looks like the Raiders will make a move to Las Vegas. Still developing at this time, we will keep a close watch on it during the off season. 5 teams have new head coaches heading into the 2017 season. Only the San Francisco 49ers are left without a coach. Johnny Manziel will be at Super Bowl Week in Houston charging for both selfies and autographs, huh!! He cannot be serious about this, how is this even a story?? Now for my picks, sorry I was not here during the wild card round, didn’t miss much at all a season there was no close games.

Saturday’s Games

Seahawks over Falcons

Patriots over Texans

Sunday’s Games

Packers over Cowboys

Steelers over Chiefs

There you have it my picks are up and there will be more playoff action next week I will talk to you then

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