Latest Weekly Extra Point (1st of 2017)

Will Vegas end up with the Raiders, at all?

Raiders still plan to move to Vegas, in spite of recent financial back outs. They filed the paperwork for relocation, sometime ago in January. What about the city of Oakland, CA and do they even have a chance at all here? I really don’t see the city of Oakland doing anything now, or even later. They are on the verge of losing the Golden State Warriors (to San Francisco), possibly the Oakland Athletics baseball team to San Jose or Montreal. So about 5 years Oakland will be a ghost town, with no sports teams. The Raiders needed a new building for years, and they did nothing with it. In Las Vegas, the Raiders have had 2 prominent companies that have backed out of money deals for a new stadium. The reasons have been compelled to say the least, but not legit in my eyes. I think the Raiders would work in Las Vegas with great fan support. There has not been a vote for the Raiders relocation as of now. The rule is that 24 of the 32 NFL owners would have to say yes to the Raiders moving. There are some hurdles the Raiders have to endure, but the process is there. As for when it will take place, they hope the 2020 season is when the Raiders plan to be in Vegas. We will see what happens next with the Raiders as far as on the field issues.

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