Latest Weekly Extra Point #2

The Embarrassment of the New York Knicks Basketball

The constant updated rumors about trading Carmelo Anthony, to Phil Jackson getting under his skin about his overall play. It was Jackson that gave Melo a no trade clause in his recent deal. So Phil Jackson has nobody to blame but himself. I believe that Phil Jackson could be the Matt Millen of the NBA, when it comes to executive decisions. There is a good chance that potential free agents could shy away from the Knicks, if Jackson continues to run the team. The Knicks were at one point 3rd in the Eastern Conference standings, now they have fallen so badly to 12th in the conference. They currently sit 10 games under .500 (winning percentage) at 22-32. They are running out of time, in order to make a playoff run. I feel they don’t deserve to even make the playoffs at all. It is time to make changes either now or at the end of the season. Now here comes the Charles Oakley incident that has grabbed the headlines like a thief in the night. This one you have to blame both, but more James Dolan who started this debacle. He even fired the head of MSG security for the Oakley incident. Now the fans will definitely turned on Dolan, for banning Oakley for life. So Dolan decided to go Pete Rose on us now? He even detailed Oakley’s dirty laundry on a radio show in New York. This is such an embarrassment that it is not even watch able on TV anymore. The Knicks fans deserve better and it maybe a long time before any good happens out of this. This off season should be an interesting one, but for who? Stay tuned!!


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