Latest weekly extra point #4

Islanders and Coyotes need new homes and soon

First for the New York Islanders, there time in Brooklyn maybe coming to an end much sooner than anyone anticipating? The Barclays Center wants to kick them out, and there product on the ice is not helping the Islanders cause. But they have 2 seasons to go after this current season. So there have been reports lately that Hartford, CT wants to house them on a temporary basis. The XL Center would love to have them, but they will need to renovate quickly in order to make them a permanent home. So the fight there is not over, but not so much for the Arizona Coyotes.

The Coyotes have had problems ever since they relocated from Winnipeg, MA. They have loss money on an annual basis, and yet they continue to play in the state of Arizona. The arena they currently play in cancel a 15 year lease with the team, as the city of Glendale no longer wants them. They recently learned that Arizona State University has backed out of a deal to help build them a new building. Well the Coyotes will need a solution soon, because there lease in there current arena is over after 2018. There have been reports of team officials touring possible sites for relocation. Cities that have been mentioned are Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Quebec City is also a possibility, but it would be a long shot at best. So what would the Coyotes do at this point? They don’t have a lot of time to figure it out, and may need the help of the NHL.

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