My Weekly Extra Point #5

The Tony Romo Retirement

I really thought the Dallas Cowboys handled it poorly, first they were gonna release him 2 months ago. Then the trade that never took place at all, leaving him out there to fend for himself. I for one would have loved it if he went to the Houston Texans. I will try not to show my NY Giants fan bias on here. Romo is retiring on his terms and going to the broadcast booth at CBS. I however disagree with him replacing Phil Simms as the #1 NFL Game analyst (For CBS). I think he should work his way up from the bottom. But hey the TV executives know more than me, so it would only fall at there feet if it doesn’t work. Romo could have gone to Fox Sports, but CBS offered a better deal. As for his playing career, i think he is done. However it would have been better if he played better in the postseason (2-4 in the playoffs, all with Dallas). I cannot blame him entirely, i mean his teams didn’t last long enough. Also he did not get past the 2nd round of playoff competition which is a big factor as Dallas was the perennial favorites to end up in the super bowl. So the ride ends for Romo as Jerry jones (Owner of Dallas Cowboys) would not let this end without haste. Clearly Jones did not want him to end up with the team of his choice. Let’s hope the Dallas cowboys have some good seasons coming up as the Dak Prescott era is well underway.


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