My Weekly Extra Point #6

The Houston Texans Quarterback Soap opera

So when they got rid of Brock Osweiler, the idea was the Texans wanted a proven QB that has won. However as of now, it has proven to be a nightmare for the Texans. All they have left is Brandon Weeden and Tom Savage, and they are clearly not the answer for the Texans at this time. Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler is still out there (and there proven QB’s) but i do not see anybody else. I guess the upcoming NFL draft (which is within weeks by the way) will be interesting considering they dont pick until the 20’s. The Texans will have to hope for the luck of the draw, in order to find a Quarterback that they can develop into there own. I know you are probably are wondering why i call it a soap opera, its a show that i cannot turn away. Also the headlines continue to mount day after day. This would make newspapers desperate to attract readers for once. Its time for the Texans to find that Quarterback (once and for all) and develop him into a winner as the AFC South division will be wide open for the 1st time in 4 years. Can’t wait for the NFL season to get started.

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