2017 NBA Playoffs Picks + Notes

2017 NBA Playoffs Picks + Notes

What a season for the NBA, i mean that marathon of a regular season is finally over. I thought the playoffs would not get here, with everything settled. Did we really get the 16 best teams this season. In my opinion Heck NO we did not. I mean there were some teams that showed up too late (That’s right Miami Heat), and some teams that never got off the bus (New York Knicks). I really should call out the sorry Brooklyn Nets, but its typical for them. So they allowed the Chicago Bulls to get a playoff spot that they never really earned. No one can convince me otherwise, on why they should be in over Miami Heat (who went 30-11 in the 2nd half of the season). You got to be kidding me with that garbage i just watched. The rest issue is getting out of hand and its time for new rules and standards, once and for all. Meanwhile, we got a postseason to get ready for and here are my 1st round picks (Conference Quarterfinal matchups):

Eastern conference:

Boston over Chicago (5 games)
Cleveland over Indiana (6 Games)
Toronto over Milwaukee (4 Games)
Washington over Atlanta (4 Games)

Western conference:

Golden State over Portland (7 Games)
San Antonio over Memphis (6 Games)
Oklahoma City over Houston (7 Games)
Utah over L.A. Clippers (7 Games)

Well there is my picks, so enjoy the playoffs and i will be back soon with the next round worth of picks and notes.

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