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My 2017 Stanley Cup Finals preview + pick

My 2017 Stanley Cup Finals preview + pick

How about this NHL postseason so far. It’s been a great one, maybe the best in a long time. We now reach the final series of the season. The defending champions are back, I’m speaking of the Pittsburgh Penguins. They take on the red hot Nashville Predators, who was the last team to enter the postseason. I think the Predators have had one of the most impressive postseason runs in sports in years. Blowing away the competition after facing the Blackhawks, Blues, and the Anaheim Ducks. Also it is great to see the city of Nashville embracing this outstanding hockey team. Now the Predators have a golden opportunity to win a Stanley Cup for there team and there city. However the mighty Pittsburgh Penguins will have something to say about that. The Penguins made a bold move in changing goaltenders going with Matt Murray instead of Marc Andre Fleury lately when they fell behind the Ottawa Senators early in the series. So it paid off for the Penguins who themselves have had a fantastic postseason run of there own. So here is my pick: Nashville in 7 games. This should be a great Stanley Cup final and I can’t wait to start watching.

2017 Round 2 Stanley Cup Playoffs Picks

2017 Round 2 Stanley Cup Playoffs Picks

Now time to get this round started even though one of the favorites is not around. I’m talking about the Chicago BlackHawks getting swept unexpectedly by the Nashville Predators in 4 straight. How about the Edmonton Oilers handling the Sharks in unique fashion. Finally how about the Washington Capitals taking down the Leafs although the Capitals almost blew it on a couple of games. Now here is my Round 2 picks:

Eastern Conference

NY Rangers over Ottawa (6 games)

Pittsburgh over Washington (7 games)

Western Conference

Edmonton over Anaheim (7 games)

Nashville over St. Louis (7 games)


There you have it and enjoy this round’s games

2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Picks + Notes

2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs Picks + Notes

Well my favorite (and hopefully yours?) postseason in all of sports is back once again for its annual excitement and festive moments. Now what a season it has been, and now we have the 16 best teams in all of the NHL left standing. So without further a due, here are my 1st round picks:

Eastern Conference:

Pittsburgh over Columbus
Washington over Toronto
N.Y. Rangers over Montreal
Boston over Ottawa

Western Conference:

Edmonton over San Jose
Anaheim over Calgary
Minnesota over st. Louis
Chicago over Nashville

There you have it so enjoy the playoffs