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Pro Elite Flyers Update

Pro Elite Flyers Update

On Saturday December 2, the Southeast pro elite flyers were set to take on the Georgia Gwizzlies. The game itself was strange and unusual, nevertheless the game went on. The Flyers for the most part could not contain one of the Gwizzlies best player Greg Norman (who went on to score 46 points). I mean he was putting up points left and right, however his teammates did seem lost on the defensive end at times committing costly turnovers. The Flyers would get there shots, and they would prevail eventually into the win column.  They however need to clean up there mistakes as well. If i was a coach, i would not be happy some of the plays that could have been disastrous. Heck, it could have been worse on the scoreboard. The ridiculous fouls that were being called kept going back and forth from both teams. Even Eddie Ishman, had 4 fouls in the 2nd quarter alone. Coach Piazza could not believe it, and he thought Ishman should have only had 2 in the 2nd quarter. The rest of the team was not in foul trouble, except for Mike McCree. Who could have easily been ejected for 2 heinous fouls on the defensive end. The Flyers did get great contributions from DP Demarcus Palmer, Steve Willis, Leventrice Grey, DeAnthony Hereford, and Jeremy Bogus (hitting the 3 point shots when needed). The Gwizzlies have a tough team to contain, if they develop another scorer (like a secondary scorer) they would ruled the gulf coast division in the ABA. Now the Flyers move on to more action coming soon.


My Weekly Extra Point #6

The Houston Texans Quarterback Soap opera

So when they got rid of Brock Osweiler, the idea was the Texans wanted a proven QB that has won. However as of now, it has proven to be a nightmare for the Texans. All they have left is Brandon Weeden and Tom Savage, and they are clearly not the answer for the Texans at this time. Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler is still out there (and there proven QB’s) but i do not see anybody else. I guess the upcoming NFL draft (which is within weeks by the way) will be interesting considering they dont pick until the 20’s. The Texans will have to hope for the luck of the draw, in order to find a Quarterback that they can develop into there own. I know you are probably are wondering why i call it a soap opera, its a show that i cannot turn away. Also the headlines continue to mount day after day. This would make newspapers desperate to attract readers for once. Its time for the Texans to find that Quarterback (once and for all) and develop him into a winner as the AFC South division will be wide open for the 1st time in 4 years. Can’t wait for the NFL season to get started.

My Weekly Extra Point #5

The Tony Romo Retirement

I really thought the Dallas Cowboys handled it poorly, first they were gonna release him 2 months ago. Then the trade that never took place at all, leaving him out there to fend for himself. I for one would have loved it if he went to the Houston Texans. I will try not to show my NY Giants fan bias on here. Romo is retiring on his terms and going to the broadcast booth at CBS. I however disagree with him replacing Phil Simms as the #1 NFL Game analyst (For CBS). I think he should work his way up from the bottom. But hey the TV executives know more than me, so it would only fall at there feet if it doesn’t work. Romo could have gone to Fox Sports, but CBS offered a better deal. As for his playing career, i think he is done. However it would have been better if he played better in the postseason (2-4 in the playoffs, all with Dallas). I cannot blame him entirely, i mean his teams didn’t last long enough. Also he did not get past the 2nd round of playoff competition which is a big factor as Dallas was the perennial favorites to end up in the super bowl. So the ride ends for Romo as Jerry jones (Owner of Dallas Cowboys) would not let this end without haste. Clearly Jones did not want him to end up with the team of his choice. Let’s hope the Dallas cowboys have some good seasons coming up as the Dak Prescott era is well underway.

2017 NCAA Tourney Picks (Day 2)

2017 NCAA Tourney Picks (Day 2)

What a day yesterday, plenty of games that were duds?? Are you kidding me if you are Vanderbilt, how you let Northwestern win like that? The other games were no better, i just hope Saturday is much better than Thursday’s action. Now time to get to Friday’s action, so good luck and now my picks:

Afternoon session:

Oklahoma State over Michigan
Baylor over New Mexico State
Seton Hall over Arkansas
Oregon over Iona
Louisville over Jacksonville State
USC (southern California) over SMU
North Carolina over Texas southern
Creighton over Rhode Island

Evening Session

Kansas over California-Davis
Wichita State over Dayton
Duke over Troy
Kansas State over Cincinnati
Michigan State over Miami (FL)
Kentucky over North Kentucky
South Carolina over Marquette
UCLA over Kent State

there you have it my friday picks are up, and with the weekend 2 go, i should be back tomorrow with more from the tourney. Now let watch some more basketball

2017 NCAA Tourney Picks

2017 NCAA Tourney Picks

well March madness is here, and I am not filling out a bracket for the 1st time in years. Besides I think doing picks is better than doing a bracket, in my opinion. Now that the first four is finished, time for the real games. Besides we did not feel we got the best matchups. Now here is my Thursday Picks:

Afternoon session:

Norte Dame over Princeton
Virginia over NC-Wilmington
Butler over Winthorp
Gonzaga over South Dakota State
West Virginia over Bucknell
Florida over East Tennessee State
Middle Tennessee State over Minnesota
Vanderbilt over Northwestern

Evening Session

Xavier over Maryland
Villanova over Mount St. Mary’s
VCU over St’ Mary’s
Purdue over Vermont
Florida State over Florida Gulf Coast
Wisconsin over Virginia Tech
Arizona over North Dakota
Nevada over iowa state

There is your first day I will be back on here tomorrow for Fridays session, then the weekend enjoy watching some basketball…

Latest weekly extra point #4

Islanders and Coyotes need new homes and soon

First for the New York Islanders, there time in Brooklyn maybe coming to an end much sooner than anyone anticipating? The Barclays Center wants to kick them out, and there product on the ice is not helping the Islanders cause. But they have 2 seasons to go after this current season. So there have been reports lately that Hartford, CT wants to house them on a temporary basis. The XL Center would love to have them, but they will need to renovate quickly in order to make them a permanent home. So the fight there is not over, but not so much for the Arizona Coyotes.

The Coyotes have had problems ever since they relocated from Winnipeg, MA. They have loss money on an annual basis, and yet they continue to play in the state of Arizona. The arena they currently play in cancel a 15 year lease with the team, as the city of Glendale no longer wants them. They recently learned that Arizona State University has backed out of a deal to help build them a new building. Well the Coyotes will need a solution soon, because there lease in there current arena is over after 2018. There have been reports of team officials touring possible sites for relocation. Cities that have been mentioned are Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Quebec City is also a possibility, but it would be a long shot at best. So what would the Coyotes do at this point? They don’t have a lot of time to figure it out, and may need the help of the NHL.

Latest Weekly Extra Point #3

The End for Tiger Woods is sooner than we think

I will admit I do not know too much about golf, but I have watched on TV. I am not a Tiger Woods fan, but have to respect his game. He made PGA Golf matter, and in a big way. Since the mid-1990’s golf has become a sport that is relevant today. All of this made possible thanks due to the play of Tiger Woods winning the main events, and the majors. How about 14 majors that he has won from the following like the Masters, PGA Championship, British Open, and the U.S. Open. But now it’s all an afterthought as Tiger Woods is left to find a way to recapture his winning ways. It will not be easy with the constant pain in his knees, back, etc. I think it’s really a shame that we won’t see history here. What I mean is Woods had a chance to break; Jack Nickulas all time record of 18 winning majors. So at this point nobody knows what is next for Tiger, he’s 40 years old now. But a great career (nonetheless) has come to an end in my book. The PGA Tour has benefited from the success of Tiger Woods, and I hope they are grateful for it.

Latest Weekly Extra Point #2

The Embarrassment of the New York Knicks Basketball

The constant updated rumors about trading Carmelo Anthony, to Phil Jackson getting under his skin about his overall play. It was Jackson that gave Melo a no trade clause in his recent deal. So Phil Jackson has nobody to blame but himself. I believe that Phil Jackson could be the Matt Millen of the NBA, when it comes to executive decisions. There is a good chance that potential free agents could shy away from the Knicks, if Jackson continues to run the team. The Knicks were at one point 3rd in the Eastern Conference standings, now they have fallen so badly to 12th in the conference. They currently sit 10 games under .500 (winning percentage) at 22-32. They are running out of time, in order to make a playoff run. I feel they don’t deserve to even make the playoffs at all. It is time to make changes either now or at the end of the season. Now here comes the Charles Oakley incident that has grabbed the headlines like a thief in the night. This one you have to blame both, but more James Dolan who started this debacle. He even fired the head of MSG security for the Oakley incident. Now the fans will definitely turned on Dolan, for banning Oakley for life. So Dolan decided to go Pete Rose on us now? He even detailed Oakley’s dirty laundry on a radio show in New York. This is such an embarrassment that it is not even watch able on TV anymore. The Knicks fans deserve better and it maybe a long time before any good happens out of this. This off season should be an interesting one, but for who? Stay tuned!!

Latest Weekly Extra Point (1st of 2017)

Will Vegas end up with the Raiders, at all?

Raiders still plan to move to Vegas, in spite of recent financial back outs. They filed the paperwork for relocation, sometime ago in January. What about the city of Oakland, CA and do they even have a chance at all here? I really don’t see the city of Oakland doing anything now, or even later. They are on the verge of losing the Golden State Warriors (to San Francisco), possibly the Oakland Athletics baseball team to San Jose or Montreal. So about 5 years Oakland will be a ghost town, with no sports teams. The Raiders needed a new building for years, and they did nothing with it. In Las Vegas, the Raiders have had 2 prominent companies that have backed out of money deals for a new stadium. The reasons have been compelled to say the least, but not legit in my eyes. I think the Raiders would work in Las Vegas with great fan support. There has not been a vote for the Raiders relocation as of now. The rule is that 24 of the 32 NFL owners would have to say yes to the Raiders moving. There are some hurdles the Raiders have to endure, but the process is there. As for when it will take place, they hope the 2020 season is when the Raiders plan to be in Vegas. We will see what happens next with the Raiders as far as on the field issues.

My Divisional Playoff Picks

My Divisional Playoff Picks

How about it football fans we made it to 2017. Now we got some notes to go through before we get to the picks. The Chargers are now in Los Angeles, and looks like the Raiders will make a move to Las Vegas. Still developing at this time, we will keep a close watch on it during the off season. 5 teams have new head coaches heading into the 2017 season. Only the San Francisco 49ers are left without a coach. Johnny Manziel will be at Super Bowl Week in Houston charging for both selfies and autographs, huh!! He cannot be serious about this, how is this even a story?? Now for my picks, sorry I was not here during the wild card round, didn’t miss much at all a season there was no close games.

Saturday’s Games

Seahawks over Falcons

Patriots over Texans

Sunday’s Games

Packers over Cowboys

Steelers over Chiefs

There you have it my picks are up and there will be more playoff action next week I will talk to you then