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My 2014 NFL week 4 picks

My 2014 NFL week 4 picks

well football fans, i had the best week so far and why i shouldn’t be. The 1st 2 weeks were awful, and i admit i misfire on a lot of games. However the NFL still reigns supreme in the sporting landscape. Peyton Manning complaining about the overtime rules is laughable in my opinion. So in Week 3 i went 12-4, and for the season i am 24-24 (win-loss record). To be at .500 (winning Percentage) after 3 weeks seems about right. Now here is my week 4 picks:

Thursday Night:

Giants over Redskins

Early Sunday:

Packers over Bears
Ravens over Panthers
Lions over Jets
Dolphins over Raiders (in London)
Colts over titans
Bills over Texans
Steelers over buccaneers

Late Sunday:

Chargers over Jaguars
Eagles over 49ers
Falcons over Vikings

Sunday Night:

Saints over cowboys

Monday Night:

Patriots over chiefs

There you have it my week 4 picks, so happy football winning weekend 2 u